Daily Scans - April 6th, 2009

April 6th, 2009

April 6th, 2009
01:57 am


Gah, I hate it when this happens.
One page from Batman/Superman #57, which one user has posted 4 pages from so far. It's 24 pages minus DC Nation, so we're good with the 1/3 limit.

Anyhoo, Can you spot the thing on this page that is making me so twitchy?

Any chance we could get a creator: whilce portacio tag?

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09:22 am


Superman v2 #130
Hi! This is my first post to this scans_daily, though I posted to the first version (*sniff*) a couple of times before.

As requested, Clark Kent and Lois Lane dressed as Batman and Robin, respectively, for a Halloween party in Superman #130.

I hope the div-cut code works...

For dialuppers: http://i43.tinypic.com/20at7k9.jpg

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09:55 am
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Norman Osborn is almost as evil as the Black Panther

Also, how come some of the character tags for multiple characters with the same name have roman numerals (Captain America, Green Lantern) and some don't (Batman, Cheetah)?

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Oh, yeah!
A good hot bubble bath always feels good.
Y'know what else is always good?
A good laugh.

for dialup


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10:31 am


Start your week off right with today's moment of feminism, brought to you by Big Barda and The King
Hey sports fans. Since I just finished posting a Scott/Barda fic, I thought now would be a good time to repost a Mr. Miracle scan I had lying around on my LJ. But how, how can I get the jaded cynics of Scans_Daily interested in a comic published decades ago? Will my awesome userpic be enough or will it take something more? Hmmm...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

That oughtta do it. )

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12:24 pm


Superman Forever!
Oh Clark/Lois fans, it's all your fault you got me posting even more scans. :p (This should be Clark/Lois week or something.)

I'll post more if that's okay with the mod (this book was at least 95 pages long...) and if I find anything else worthy for the Clark/Lois fans.

For the dialuppers: http://i41.tinypic.com/x572ig.jpg

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02:00 pm


Casstoon Reaction: JSA 25
Possible Spoilers )

Alternate Raven from Teen Titans Go! )

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02:10 pm


A little more Firebreather
Two pages rom Firebreather vol 1 #1, Phil Hester and Andy Kuhn.

Because I finally got my hands on this issue and wanted to share some more Duncan-cuteness.


Adorable little tyke, isn't he?

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06:45 pm


The History of Jason Todd (Part 2) -- Starting in Short-Pants
So here is the long delayed (sorry, computer problems!) Part 2 of my look at post-Crisis Jason Todd (i.e. the second Second Robin). Part 1 can be found here, and thanks to icon_uk who has posted two great posts looking at the first, pre-Crisis version of Jason Todd.

When we last left Jason, he had just "aquired" the Robin suit (in 3 different ways). So now let's see how he uses it...

12 non-dial-up safe images under cut! )

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08:13 pm


Scans from Empowered vol. 3
I can now add Empowered to my list of comics I bought because of Scans_Daily. In celebration, here's the Scans_Dailiest of the book's chapters. I'm 99% sure this was posted in the old comm, but well, you know.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Can anyone translate? )

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08:49 pm


It's not all kinky sex and games

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09:06 pm


The periodic table has come to life...and its EVIL !
One of the stranger Avengers issues.


Read more... )

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09:22 pm


new 28 Days Later comic

28 Days Later comic
Initial launch story will be firmly based in 28 DAYS LATER continuity with the first arc focusing on Selena. Bridging the gap between 28 DAYS LATER and 28 WEEKS LATER, a few key questions will be answered along the way: what happened to Selena after 28 DAYS LATER? How did Selena happen upon the machete she wields in 28 DAYS LATER?

The new Fox Atomic Comics and BOOM! Studios collaboration will see titles serialized as individual single issue comic books before being collected into trade paperback graphic novels available in the direct and mass bookstore markets. 28 DAYS LATER #1 is the first in the series for this new collaboration.

Aw, hells yeah. There's another cover in the link.


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09:48 pm


'Orange' you glad to see me?
Previews for Agent Orange, of the Green Lantern prelude to Blackest Night, previews found at

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09:53 pm


Lois and Clark week, eh?
I happen to love the couple very much. Comics OTP! And I did an article on them for Valentines day (along with some other four couples) that I had to get scans for, so I have quite a few Cloisy scans in my retinue. Mostly Clois-y, some are just Lois kicking ass. So, here's the V-day article.

My article for Big Shiny Robot

And now, onto the scans!

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10:05 pm


Camera Fun and today's mystery photo

Camera )

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