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Ring of Fire (Gather one, Gather all) [05/10/08 @ 11:16 pm]

On the surface, dinosaurs and the wild that roam freely; in its belly, a volatile concoction of magma and molten rocks.

What else could one expect from an island surrounded by a ring of volcanoes?

Every minute that passes within Savage Land is like a ticking bomb. Something, from the fiery violence underneath the island, is always bound to blow up. The inhabitants would know what to do, the creatures would know where to hide, the island would always survive through them...but for the new arrivals? It could just as well mean that they could sink anytime...which would be the least of their concerns after having to survive landslides, falling trees, rampaging animals, and an island that would be tossing all of them like a garden salad.

It won't take any much longer for them to find out. There will be no communication technology that will inform them before hand, just the entire animal kingdom in a state of great panic...

It Just Don't Make Any Sense [Open] [05/02/08 @ 12:28 pm]

"Watson! Watson! Where are you running off to?!"

But Jamie couldn't keep up with his four-legged friend. The beagle, albeit a small and stubborn canine, could be quick when it wanted to be. And today he certainly wanted to be quick! He knew he should have gotten that dog a leash. Or at least inquired to the Malden headmasters about one of those invisible fences. Not that he thought animals should be imprisoned by such things. Invisible fences and all, but keeping track of that mutt was sometimes just too much! Probably chasing some rabbit or whatever other wild animals roamed the English countryside.

Even as multiple men that dog was hard to keep an eye on. He was like a disobedient child.

"Watson! Here, boy! I've got treats for you!"
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Welcome to the Jungle (Open) [04/27/08 @ 10:39 am]

Sam's first thought was that she crashed. She woke up to feeling mild vertigo, her feet dangling a dozen or so feet above the air. As she moved to steady herself a piece of Project Aragorn fell to the ground from where it was once precariously positioned next to her on the branches of trees.


Sam looked up at the sky. Her second thought was confusion. What was a jungle doing in New York? It had no business being there except to perhaps conveniently break her fall. Sam wasn't an entirely ungrateful person. It finally occurred to her that she might be nowhere near New York and that she was not wearing her suit.

Valkyrie wasn't naked, which was good. But she was in civilian clothing, which was bad. It took her a few more moments of staring at herself and her surroundings to realize that the clothes she was wearing came from Project Aragon's emergency kit. Sam frowned. If she were in a jungle, the flip flops would not last long. She needed to find her suit.

Sam slowly climbed down from the tree. She turned in a circle, looking around. Samantha slapped a mosquito on her arm.

Over the course of the next few hours, Sam found most of Aragorn, the robotic flying horse the government commissioned from Stark Enterprises, her boots which she gratefully replaced her flip flops with, most of the Valkyrie uniform which she changed into and the communications helm which she fit back over her head. The uniform did not have the exo-suit interior which gave the heroine her strength. Sam also found the sword, which was much heavier without the suit's help.

And while Valkyrie was not the smartest member of The Ultimates, she was not a scientist or a doctor or even a very successful entrepreneur, it was obvious that the pieces had been arranged to look like a crash. The pieces were too even and intact, and there were no broken branches or other debris to suggest there had been an impact. Valkyrie recited her findings into a recording device in her helm.

"This is Valkyrie reporting, do you read me? Over."

The heroine touched her hand to the helm to change channels.

"This is Valkyrie reporting, do you read me? Over."

It occurred to Valkyrie that she was not actually important enough to be kidnapped. No one had really heard of her, she hadn't done anything particularly heroic. If anyone had put her here, it was most likely her own team. This was a test, she decided. She merely had to find out the objective(s) of the training mission and win.

Another mosquito landed on her and Valkyrie swatted it. She changed communication channels again. She was hot, sweaty and tired. Piling up the pieces of Aragorn she had no hope of putting back together, she covered it with branches. No use in advertising a still classified military project.

"This is Valkyrie reporting, do you read me? Over."

She paused.


If nothing else, that would get the boys back home laughing, maybe even General Baldy himself. Valkyrie still heard no response.
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LOG: Zaladane and Selene Meet; To Be Continued in Comments [04/27/08 @ 9:39 am]

"Right." Selene sighed.

She could not determine if this had all been done to humiliate her and shoved her hands into the pockets of her skirt. She watched the jungle around her in silence, having spent enough time in South America to recognize small differences she knew this was somewhere new.

She inhaled deeply and closed her eyes. The smell was lovely, the bird sounds were foreign. The young mutant did not cry or scream. She felt, at first, emotionally impotent and expected to boil over with rage at any moment. She didn't. Selene stood there, and scratched an irritated lump on the back of her neck. A bug bite, she thought.

There were no paths. No trails. Wandering could not make her any more lost and yet, Selene chose to exercise patience and prudence over immediate action. She stood perfectly still. Though she heard the cries of birds, she had yet to see one.

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Lesson 1: How fast can one run? (OPEN) [04/27/08 @ 10:53 pm]

My name is Noriko Ashida, and I am 21 years old. I am a Japanese American mutant residing in New York City. My powers are mainly cyberpathy and telepathy, but for three days, I have lost them.

And for three days, I have been taken away from my world, or more appropriately, out of my time. Have I retained my powers, I would have easily identified my whereabouts, or gathered a notion. I have theorized earlier that I'm in a South American rainforest, or deep in an Asian jungle. But in my wandering, I have come across unsettling evidences that prove otherwise.

I shudder to think what they suggest. Three toed tracks, eggs the size of bowling balls, craters...I have been fortunate so far not to come across the source of these imprints. But it wouldn't be long.

And what terrifies me is that I'm all alone, defenseless. Would I have my powers, I'd be doubly assured of outrunning these creatures for several days to come. Now, I could not anticipate them or prepare for their attack. I could only see through human eyes, and that makes me as good as blind and dumb. So far, I could only rely on the ring Emma gave me, which still would not get me so far. Especially if I could not figure out my target.

For three days I've been restless in hiding and scavenging for food. Anxiety and despair cloud my mind. I can only think of surviving imminent dangers when I should usually be thinking of a plan.

I haven't been afraid in a long time. One of these days, I will be found and I will have to run as fast as I could.

That day has come.


How fast can she run? Owing it to some previous rigid training she had instilled upon herself as a member of the X-Men, she still could run pretty fast. Above average, she would say. She could run even faster if her powers allowed her body to coordinate.

But now she would have to stick with above average running, plus the adrenaline surging from the fear.

The fear of being eaten by a 15-foot meat-eating lizard.

Her shoes sploshed in mud as she fled past gigantic trees. She had not seen the predator but she was most certain she was seen.

Noriko did not know where it was coming from either. Its vicious roar seemed to come from everywhere.

Eventually, she became tired and had to stop to catch her breath. She leaned upon a tree, damp in cold sweat and tormented by her rapidly beating heart.

The lizard, owing to its large strides, caught on pretty quick and thrashed about in the neighboring trees in search for its bi-pedal prey. Noriko, who had not fed herself properly for the past few days, was not able to replenish the strength or will to run some more. A hand fiddled with her ring, rotating the dials that should shoot laser. Get its eyes, she frantically thought to herself.

But because her hand was too shaky and clammy, it often slipped. So when she was found, and Noriko saw herself face to face with a bright pair of furiously slitted pupils, the laser haphazardly scratched a portion of its enormous head. Not painful enough to hurt or stall it.

As it was to Noriko, she was doomed.

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