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May 20th, 2008

Pethro: Some Thoughts

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Well, it has been suggested time and again that Perthro is either(or both) a well as in the Well of Wyrd/Mimir or a womb as in the womb of Frigga. The concepts that go with this are actually rather complementary to one another if you look at them in a certain light. For a womb is a place in which all our experiences from the past, whether that is the past as we have it coded into our DNA or, if you would have it, past lives gestates to become the individual that we are as we are expelled into this world. Thus our Wyrd is woven there. Knowledge which we can access if we find the right trigger is also given to us in the form a collective unconscious, and as we float in that sea of amniotic fluid we have nothing else to do but to collate the experiences that will make us up.. We are in the moment(s) of purest wisdom, though we may not be able to communicate this with any other, thus a bond with Frigga at it's highest form is made here. And with Mimir too, as we float in the well not needing to see, thus blind, we see further than we will ever do in the every day world once we are told what is and what is not. As we are given birth to, the gamble that will be our daily lot is enacted and chance becomes a greater and greater portion of our life, allowing the Norns, both greater and lesser to play roles in our world, determining things which we might be completely unaware of. So.. Freyja, often was called upon in the throes of childbearing as well, helping to bring about an easier pathway, a widening of the way as it were for both mother and child. The prosperity that is looked for in life is often considered to be a Vanic function, and when the particular act of gambling with dice and cup is enacted, though there is a high call to the Norns there is also a call to the Vanes as well. Which is how this rune has often and often come to be associated, in my opinion, with Freyja. This is a rune that gives more than it takes, though when it does take the price tends to be spectacular and the individual employed in the process had best pay up willingly. One who does not pay their debts willingly is found to be unworthy of association on many levels. They are found to be negligent of their associates and of their duties to themselves. It is as though they are setting themselves against the warp that is needed to weave the cloth. And these, have been just a few of my thoughts on Perthro. Yes, a womb it is, but far more as well.
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