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May 20th, 2008

My Hopes For This Asylum...

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As you can see I have posted a fair number of book reviews and some basic information about the rune study group I run. I would like to see some interplay between myself and whoever joins this asylum. I want to know what other people are doing, what they are reading, what futharks they work with, projects they are experimenting with and so on.. So... Let the interaction commence! Yup.

I would like to see what other folk have read, are reading, would like to recommend to everyone one else.. Either to read, or to stay away from. Discussion, of experiences in how they interacted with the books you read, and how this spurred you on practical experimentation.. What things you have tried due to your studies. Just reading a book is nice, but it's only going to get you so far. You have to bring your studies into the every day. That kind of thing. I know that we've got people of varying levels of experience here.. From the well experienced, to the newbies. So folks, speak up. What would you like to get out of runes? How do you envision your runic experience? Where would you like it to take you? What have you done with runes? How has it affected your life? How do you see runes continuing to affect your life further down the road? Will you stay oriented solely on the runes? Or will seek out other systems as well? Do you think that you want to study more into the culture and the language aspect? Or would you rather focus on the magical and divinatory aspect of runes? Speak up people!!
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