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October 25th, 2008

Runes From A Vanic Perspective: Hagalaz

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I tend to connect Skadi to Hagalaz for several reasons actually. First of all because Hagalaz is a rune that can be used both for destruction or as a kind of 'seed' for new beginnings depending on the frame of mind of the individual and how they approach it. This fits quite well with Skadi as a whole; Her primary reason for coming to Asgard after her father dies is to reach some kind of resolution that will allow Her to move on and start over. Though She comes girded for war and it is possible that destruction could be the outcome if the situation is not handled properly, what occurs is beneficial for all because an agreement is reached by which Skadi is married to Njord and thus becomes part of the Vanic Tribe. 

Being able to learn how not to give in to the more destructive forces within yourself is one of the primary lessons of Hagalaz. We all have a great capacity to look at the world around us and see what we don't like, to want to tear it down and level it so that we can build it in our own image because it would be 'better'. Sometimes this is actually appropriate, but it takes a long time to reach the point where we can tell the difference between desire and necessity. Hagalaz seeks to teach us this and also that we must have a plan for what to put in place of what existed before.  

When Skadi approached the AEsir, She had a plan in place as to what it would take in order to make peace, something that would keep Her from simply giving in to her desire for vengeance.  The AEsir put their own conditions on the agreement but She was flexible enough to know that this is how peace is made and kept, and even though things did not work perfectly in her marriage Skadi did not break the peace. A seed had been planted that allowed for growth, because exchange had been made between the Jotunar, the AEsir (by not flaking when She walked into Asgard) and the Vanir (with the marriage). 

Even when Skadi returned to her customary home, She was counted among the Gods. A kind of transformation and rebirth had occurred. A seed had been planted in the hearts of all the Gods, both AEsic and Vanic.

Written by, Ayla Wolffe©2008

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