Runes For All

May 2008

The Rede

studying runes for the joy of it
08:05 pm: [info]valkyrieofodin Welcome
08:53 pm: [info]valkyrieofodin Contemplations On Jera- Things I Have Noticed
08:55 pm: [info]valkyrieofodin The Structure Of Rune Study Group
09:07 pm: [info]valkyrieofodin Book Review:Nothern Mysteries&Magick by Freya Aswynn
09:12 pm: [info]valkyrieofodin Book Review: Esoteric Rune Magic by Jason D. Cooper
09:13 pm: [info]valkyrieofodin Book Review: The Complete Illustrated Guide To RUNES by Nigel Pennick
09:16 pm: [info]valkyrieofodin A Free For All Question: Witchcraft Vs. Runes
09:19 pm: [info]valkyrieofodin Book Review: Futhark by Edred Thorsson
09:21 pm: [info]valkyrieofodin Nordic Number Lore From Runelore by Edred Thorsson
09:30 pm: [info]valkyrieofodin Book Review: Runelore by Edred Thorsson
09:32 pm: [info]valkyrieofodin Table 6.1 From The Well Of Wyrd by Edred Thorsson Interpretations Of The World-Steads
09:37 pm: [info]valkyrieofodin Pethro: Some Thoughts
09:39 pm: [info]valkyrieofodin Thoughts On Laguz
09:41 pm: [info]valkyrieofodin Book Review: At The Well Of Wyrd by Edred Thorsson
09:43 pm: [info]valkyrieofodin My Hopes For This Asylum...
09:47 pm: [info]valkyrieofodin Thorsson's Color Code Explanations
09:36 am: [info]valkyrieofodin Book Review: Rune Might by Edred Thorsson
01:46 pm: [info]valkyrieofodin Because I Could
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