Romani ('Rromani', aka 'Gypsies') and Friends - February 2007

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10:06 am: [info]cherani_baxtali Welcome!
11:00 am: [info]cherani_baxtali Romani History
11:02 am: [info]cherani_baxtali Wintertime
11:03 am: [info]cherani_baxtali Memorial to Sinti and Roma/Nazi archives to be opened..
11:04 am: [info]cherani_baxtali Gypsies: the Usual Suspects
01:44 pm: [info]cherani_baxtali United
01:46 pm: [info]cherani_baxtali Gypsies Account for 1 Out of 4 Female Inmates
01:49 pm: [info]cherani_baxtali A privileged glimpse..
01:50 pm: [info]cherani_baxtali They looked like "gypsies"..
01:52 pm: [info]cherani_baxtali Czech job centres put an “R” on Gypsy records
01:53 pm: [info]cherani_baxtali Remembering Auschwitz
01:55 pm: [info]cherani_baxtali Exhibition on Romany Holocaust Opened
01:57 pm: [info]cherani_baxtali Civil Guards to learn about the Gypsies
02:03 pm: [info]cherani_baxtali Gypsy Victims of the Nazi Terror
02:05 pm: [info]cherani_baxtali You Try It for a Few Days: The Roma and the gadje in the Czech Republic
02:06 pm: [info]cherani_baxtali Flamenco dancer is appointed Roma's ambassador to the EU
02:07 pm: [info]cherani_baxtali Photographs
02:08 pm: [info]cherani_baxtali Gypsy teen plays key part in new policy for children's services in Cambridgeshire
02:11 pm: [info]cherani_baxtali Herdeljezi Festival
02:13 pm: [info]cherani_baxtali Anti-Romani hate speech contributes to intolerance toward Roma
02:13 pm: [info]cherani_baxtali No Security Guarantees for Roma in Kosovo
02:15 pm: [info]cherani_baxtali Romani on House MD

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