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[07 Aug 2022|09:19am]
Did y’all just copy and paste the game you didn’t want to join and make another version yourself? Lol. That’s so weird. I mean, I suppose you have your reasons. But 9 characters on one hold at once >_> red flags for me, momma.

Ps - does anyone enjoy third person thread writing anymore or do we just not have time for it anymore? Or is it just too much work, like building up CR for the insta-ships that seem to be the main point now. And character collecting.

Pps - the 3 word responses “yes I can” “that would be good” … do you just not want to write with me or am I supposed to work with that? Sorry.

Plot and development writers, if you’re still out there, show me the way. Or tell me to stop looking here.
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