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[10 Jul 2022|01:57pm]
I just know you’re gearing up to ghost me. You went from great OOC communication to very little or absolutely none. I know I should stop putting effort in trying, but I know the second I do, you’ll disappear forever. And what hurts the most is we’ve been writing together for about six months, and you can’t even show me the courtesy of just being honest with me and tell me you are no longer feeling our line. Whether it’s lack of time, burnout, loss of interest or something else—I would understand. I would rather be told the truth than misled into believing everything is all right between us and you still want to write together. I’ve given you plenty of opportunities to be transparent with me but you insist every time that you love writing this line and that you’re happy and if there was a problem you would feel comfortable enough to tell me, and yet your actions recently reflect differently.

I don’t know where we went wrong when I thought we were getting close OOC and becoming good friends. I wish we could have talked about it, especially if it’s something I did wrong. But I can’t change what you’re not communicating with me, and while it will hurt me to lose this line that I cherish, it will be freeing to no longer have to put my energy in something that isn’t being reciprocated and focus on my psls where it is.
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