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[17 Jun 2022|01:33pm]
I need to vent a moment.

Maybe if you keep going into RPs and soon after they implode because everyone finds out you're talking about them ... you're the problem.

Maybe when you start new games and no one wants to join or they soon fall apart because, again, you're being shady ... you're the problem.

Maybe no one wants to have IC connects with you anymore because you bring OOC issues IC instead of being mature about it ... you're the problem.

Maybe when you continually get kicked out of games ... you're the problem.

Maybe, just maybe, when people ghost you because they're afraid of being honest with you, or are dealing with IRL stuff, I don't know, maybe ... you guessed it, you're the problem.

Maybe people are afraid to bring things up to you, because you spin the truth to other people and try to scape goat others, and gaslight people into demonizing who you dislike at the moment, and everyone is a narcissist except you ... so yeah, maybe you're the problem?

See the pattern here? Maybe it isn't everyone else, and maybe you need to look inward and fix things instead of the blame game. Are there crappy people on this site? Definitely. Are there bullies? Yes. Has it become a pattern when you're constantly involved? Again, yes.

Are you the drama? Maybe you are the drama.

Look inward.

That is all.
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