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[29 May 2022|05:53am]
And this, kids, is why we save scenes as we go.

This being the surprise, overnight deletion of an entire game, comms and all, with all the writing you've been doing for months vanishing because something didn't go the mod's way icly and they decided to make it an ooc issue.
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[29 May 2022|09:05pm]
This is partially a vent and partially a plea for advice. It's a little hard to explain without giving specific details, so bare with me please.

The scenes have been a little fluffier than I would like, but I'm willing to deal with it because I otherwise really like the lines. That's, so far, the only complaint I have about writing with this individual - except for this: We keep running into each other. We keep unknowingly responding to each other's ads and it's not until we are deep in conversation that I realize who I am talking to. And while I am not against multiple lines with the same writer - if we click - there are reasons why I am not interested in picking up anymore lines with this writer. And, thus far, I have just been honest with them whenever we run into each other like that - "Hey, it's me!" But I feel like this running into one another is not going to change any time soon and well...each time it happens, I'm less inclined to reply to the scene we already have going. Mostly because the time between responses is...slow. Very slow. And I'm fine with that normally. I would be more fine with it in this case if they did not seem to respond to my ads every time I post one.

I'm not hating on this person. I just don't want all of my lines in the same boat or coming weeks apart. And I hate that them responding to my ads kills my motivation to respond to the scene we do have. Am I off my rocker here?
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