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Yep [06 May 2022|09:44am]
We’ve made friends, lost friends. We’ve had fun, we’ve had not-so-much fun. Isn’t RPing the worst, best hobby ever?

I’ve been through bullies. I’ve been through narcissists… but you know what hurts the most?

The Fake Friends.

“Friends” who only want you for their own purposes, their own storylines. Friends who pretend they’re your friend. Mostly, these types just want smut, but not all of them. Fake friends who ghost you, unless your character does what they want. Unless YOU do what THEY want. Did they make you feel uncomfortable? Better never tell them. They can’t handle anything but their own drama. Because they were never your friend to begin with.

But also, these “friends” are great at pumping sunshine up your ass about how you’re friends ‘beyond just rp’. You even begin to believe it, since you’ve played together for what, a few years? Been through highs and lows? Mainly, THEIR highs and lows that YOU helped them through. But the minute you have a low? They’re gone. Now, I still do have friends from decades ago who I met through RP, but apparently, only the real ones stick around.

Real friends talk out their issues no matter how uncomfortable those issues are.

Fake friends do not discuss issues. They delete you, ghost you, don’t talk about shit. That means anybody who has ever ghosted you in RP, who pretended to be your friend here, who did not discuss how you made them feel, or how they made you feel - they were fake. They were not your friend.

They were your fair-weather friend. Just as bad as the bullies and the narcissists.

Stay gone, fair-weather friend. For shame.
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[06 May 2022|11:28am]
Yes I'm taking a break from rp and it will probably last for years but it damn hurts having to sell my journals because I just don't have money.
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