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it’s been awhile but i’m truly lost and upset. [19 Apr 2022|02:18am]
1. you told me you weren’t going to flake, then you slowly started to, when you came back you tricked me into thinking my other lines didn’t like me so you could have ALL my attention, then you flaked again, said you’ll be around after i asked if everything was okay… until you just completely freakin ghosted me. no word not even if i asked if you were okay because after all we were friends first. actual friends ooc and now you’re gone. it just really hurts and the worst part is i don’t even know if you’re okay.

2. nothing to do with the other but why when a new game pops up it’s only one celebrity everyone wants to play? and there’s like 3 challenges. i will never understand the hype around said celebrity and it just drives me insane.
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[19 Apr 2022|11:19am]
This is probably a "just me" thing, but for a hobby that prides itself on writing, the purposeful lack of capitalization bugs the heck out of me.
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