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[06 Apr 2022|12:47am]
Maybe don't advertise as a game if it's going to be just a gpsl with outsiders left with nothing. Just say it's a gpsl and move on, don't let us all get excited for the zero attention we are going to get. 🙃
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[06 Apr 2022|11:56pm]
i wish more people would actually try to research the celeb they're using for pb or celeb to see if there's an exposed problematic history before picking them up and choosing a different person if so. especially for celeb. there are so many other faces to use out there to choose from that don't have a history of racism or homophobia or violence. and the people still wanting to write against these faces are just as bad. there's already so many blurry racists on this server that make it difficult for someone wanting to write a poc to get any interaction. and i'm just tired of it.
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