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[28 Feb 2022|11:23am]
it's pretty disheartening to see this issue across so many playstyles on this site but let me just say it again, louder for the people in the back: NO ONE WANTS TO DEVELOP OR WRITE YOUR CHARACTER FOR YOU.

if you can't be bothered to figure out your own character before bringing them into a game or SL then why the hell would you expect anyone else to want to? those conflict-avoidant, milquetoast characters who don't actually do anything worthwhile but are available to be "friends" or "hookups" or "enter-any-other-generic-title-that-isn't-at-all-plot-generating-here"? yea, those are a dead end in any collaborative conversation. i think someone on this site called them 'mayonnaise cupcakes' and i hope it sticks. they suck. do a basic google search on character development and figure out some ideas for yourself because i'm tired of being labeled a bad guy for asking very basic questions that you should already know the answer to before you get into the game in the first place. i hate to say this but if you feel like your character isn't good enough because they aren't generating lines or they aren't going anywhere, maybe you're onto something. maybe they aren't.
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