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IYKYK [17 Jan 2022|01:25pm]
Listen up y’all. I got you a Director's Cut deleted scene up in these vents on THESE SAME EXACT HOs. Focusing on the long, drawn-out behavior of the premium choice cut narcissistic B (following that coded list), and her equally as phony AF innocent-playing buttcheek buddy in bullying crime, Y.

Now, before I begin, I got even more tea than what I’m about to pour for y’all, but I wanna focus on the most disturbing aspect of this duo in the dirty bitch business. AND I need to clarify there is no way y’all could fully understand these nuances unless y’all lived in them. I could not even begin to touch on all the nuances. This is some very deliberate bullying and gaslighting type brand of BS.

TW: fetishization of queer + POC (specifically latinx) culture, slut-shaming, bullying, gaslighting, misygony, extreme sexism, biphobia

but may they have the day and life that they deserve )
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[17 Jan 2022|02:36pm]
So let me get this close a perfectly active game with no notice just to turn around and open another the very next day.

I mean, I shouldn't be surprised. You've been doing this for years and it's all but expected at this point. I hope anyone who joins your new game knows not to get invested. It's a matter of time before you do the same thing again.
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