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[06 Aug 2021|09:04pm]
I find it all very interesting.

Not only did you screw over and ghost your last good friend who did everything she could to help you on your games, only for you to abandon them when they didn't get as popular as quickly as you wanted -- this *after* abandoning* everything on your very first game to the first person who agreed to help you -- that you are now starting yet a new one.

Not only that, but you have somehow convinced new people to join you. How long before you screw them over, too?

Do you really think a new name changes everything you've done to people? Did you really think that we wouldn't immediately know it was you?

You don't have the attention span or the obvious maturity to run a game because you always abandon your team and your players with no word.

Because of this, it makes it harder for us who do put everything we can into our games and stick with them to attract players.
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