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[26 Jul 2021|11:44am]
Things that continue to be frustrating:

- Character hoarding
- Players who continue to pick up characters yet do nothing with any of them
- Aesthetic boards that, while beautiful, don't make up for the fact that the player/character usually doesn't do anything
- The need to pro-actively defend or explain IC choices as to not offend?
- Drama Queens

And let us not forget the infamous types who opt to write characters with strong type A personalities, get into a back and forth with other type A's, and immediately call them out for bullying them. (I do not, by any means, condone actual bullying but this is not that.)

Why have a writing hobby if you don't actually write?

Maybe my geriatric millennial ass is finally rearing it's ugly face.

P.S. No PM requests, please. I really just needed to get some bullshit out and off my chest.
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