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TL:DR [17 Jul 2021|01:04am]
[ mood | sad ]

We wrote together for over a year. I found your ad when the pond we were both in was way over-fished, but we really hit off. Inspiration and replies were thick on the ground. You were really invested, and I got invested because of your enthusiasm. It was good.

Then the pandemic happened, and I understood when you needed to back off. The stress and uncertainty got to everybody on some level, so when you said you didn't have the head space for RP, that you were checked out without meaning to be, I got it. I'd look at some of our scenes and hope that once everything was more normal (whatever that is), we could slowly return to writing.

But I never expected you to purge your journal, delete all that wonderful interaction and the slow coming together of a couple I'd gotten invested in because of you. I don't know when it happened, when you decided to do it. But all of it's gone, or at least the parts that you started. I still have my half, which feels ridiculous now. Not much point in hanging onto it if you're done for good.

You could have at least warned me. I would have understood. As good as it was, sometimes you really do lose inspiration and just don't want the reminder. These past long months have been rough, and I'm sorry that you lost the heart for it. But you could have warned me, given me time to save your half so I could relive those good memories. That SL was the longest time I'd ever written with one person, and I grew to love the pairing and be so excited to see what would happen with them next. I cannot stress enough that I would have understood your reasons.

But you destroyed half of something I really cared about without a heads up, and that I do not understand. And it hurts. More than it should, maybe, but it's late and I just found out. It was like having a favorite book, something I could pull out and reminisce over. Whatever happened, if I did something or said something, I'm sorry. I hope you're okay. I just needed to get this out so I can maybe get some sleep tonight.

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[17 Jul 2021|03:59pm]
so not only does your group just control the flow of time and attention in game, chosen ones get to just character sit and do nothing with them while all the while also calling dibs on holds that dont even exist yet so that only clique NUMBA ONE gets dibs on whats popular. right....

why am i still here again?
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