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[04 Apr 2021|05:21pm]
I'm really getting frustrated with people's inability to communicate with their SL partners. I'm not asking for constant communication, just a check-in once in a while when something happens. Or a "I'm going to do this thing that might affect your character, is that OK?" I just want to be kept in the loop. I'm struggling and I'm tired of always having to guess and second-guess everything because so many people just can't do the basic courtesy of a check-in.

I know many of us have been stuck inside for over a year and have been slowly forgetting how to people well, but if we could all just take a deep breath and make an attempt to do better about this - and I'm including myself in this - that would be just... so great. Genuinely really spectacular.
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[04 Apr 2021|06:56pm]
i'm starting to feel like writing with me is something you are doing out of obligation rather than actual interest, and i'd prefer if you would just tell me if you'd rather not write. is this not the specific thing you want to be writing? do you just not wanna write right now, today, this week? do you need a break? have you lost interest in writing with me in general? just tell me.
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