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[28 Mar 2021|01:04pm]
i hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if your character can't stand on their own, make significant decisions, or exist in a game without being entangled in a romantic ship, then they're probably a shit character. take that stephanie meyer nonsense elsewhere.

and while i'm here, if you're using anyone actors who are clearly 35+ from the mcu to face a character under 30 years old you need your eyes reevaluated. thank you and good day.

[edited for specificity]
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[28 Mar 2021|08:44pm]
Just to keep everyone updated: yes, the person about which Sword’s Rule Post was made has resurfaced. I’m aware of it.

Please ignore them - and please send me links if you see them posting any addresses, phone numbers, or lies about her family members - and I’ll forward that information along to her health care providers & family.
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