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[25 Mar 2021|01:42pm]
Well, that was a wild ride.
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[25 Mar 2021|05:00pm]
YOU are the most unlikeable person I've ever RPed with. You are a thinly veiled Trump supporter who plays the same "thin but CURVY and sassy but SWEET and independent but CONSTANTLY ENDS UP FALLING INTO BED WITH ANY CHAR WHO LOOKS HER WAY AND THEN SIMPS AFTER HIM" female everywhere you go. Stop following me.

Then there is YOU! Learn to read and stop willfully misconstruing everything other characters say into a passive aggressive tantrum where you say "lol my character is so tired of ___". No, that thing didn't happen. Stop it.

Finally, YOU! I hate seeing you pop up everywhere, despite moaning constantly that you're going to quit. You're a lunatic and every time I see your name it's jarring. Please continue to stay far away from me.

No PMs given. I had to get this off my chest before all my goodwill evaporated completely and I burned down everything in a carpet bomb run of rage.
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[25 Mar 2021|05:20pm]
Why am I being made to feel guilty for writing strong characters that can stand on their own without a significant other?

Put in the work to do that for yourself and stop letting your feelings bleed into the IC lines. It's not going to kill my muses.
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