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[11 Feb 2021|12:54pm]
several times in the past few months, i've had lines where we had great chemistry and our kids were so cute and funny and had great conversations only to have them randomly stop replying one day, never to talk again. it was so sudden and out of the blue i was certain that someone that wants me to only have lines with them has been going behind my back and sabotaging any other line i have. but that's probably just crazy talk. i just wish i had an explanation? like.. is your life crazy rn? do you not like rp anymore? just tell me? it's really getting me down.
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[11 Feb 2021|04:42pm]
It's a weird year, so if you tell me that you enjoy writing with me but are super busy with stuff IRL and are going to be slow to reply, I'm fine with that. I honestly don't mind slow tags. I'm slow myself sometimes.

Being too busy to read or reply to a plot-related text message my character sent yours? I'm a little disappointed, but I understand. It can wait. Until you start posting all the completed logs you've recently written with someone else in the same game.

That makes me feel far more shitty than just telling me you're not interested in our lines any more would have. Especially since it makes me doubt myself and second-guess other writers who tell me they want to write with me but are too busy for regular tags.
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