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[10 Feb 2021|02:06am]
How do you guys get over the fear/intimidation that people are going to hate your interpretation of a Big Character? Like, say you're playing something with a very passionate fanbase or whatever where you've seen a lot of good players play that character, do you feel obliged to follow the flow or do you just play them at your own pace? I end up struggling for activity because I'm so paranoid my writing is boring or I'm just not playing well enough for this character people expect a lot from. Like, I know the fandom and source very well but I don't know a lot of the additional source info because idk where to even begin finding it and accessing it in order so I'm worried I'm constantly making mistakes or frustrating people.
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[10 Feb 2021|02:51pm]
Why in the world would you think that kink was even something I'd be into enough that you ask for it on on my psl journal? There is absolutely nothing on the journal that would even hint at it.
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[10 Feb 2021|09:39pm]
You know what? The more time I have had to sit here and think about it, the more I realize I really don't care.

I rp because it is my escape. My little bubble away from the real world and all that is going on within it, including the hot mess that was my own life for awhile you knew about, to sign on here and have to feel like putting up with your junior high level petty ass bullshit. You are a damn adult so act like one. I don't have the time nor the patience for something so damn IMMATURE.

You give me no warning, no notice of this, not even a 'we need to talk' then when I find out, expect me to do all the asking, questioning, and phone calls. I felt like I had to even pry the VAGUEST of reasons out of you just to be boggled that would even hold water to your logic! Again, we're long past the mean girls stage.

So hypothetically, I try to get ahold of you to get this solved just so what, you can do it to me again next time you get pissy over something else? You got mad at me once for time zones so I really shouldn't even be that surprised over this tbh.

See this or don't, I don't really care and I'm already blocked on everything anyways.

I'm done.
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