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[27 Jan 2021|07:05pm]
is anyone else in that phase where you are literally just forcing yourself to write? i'm fucking over it already.
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[27 Jan 2021|07:40pm]
Lol just so I have it all clear, your giant group bulldozes a game, gets upset when a character with backstory is asked to keep at least some modicum of backstory, got offended because you were asked for some rewrites by mods, refused to answer players dms who were trying to work stuff out with you, then took a player's comments out of context, warped them, and then used that as a firing tactic to claim we were bullies?

Review that for a second. Really take it in. And you honestly wonder why this server keeps getting smaller and smaller?

I guess bullet dodged. Hope that doesn't end up happening anywhere else. May I suggest a GPSL?
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