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[22 Jan 2021|06:46pm]
Thank you for breaking everything again. I'm posting about what you did to her and how she stuck by you and how she only took over the game last night after you fucking DELETED it.

How does it feel, to hurt someone who always stood by you even when people were telling her how toxic you were?

How does it feel to know she cried all damn night because she thought that things were really good.

And "Fuck U" as the user name of the mod account after you had DELETED the account and she did everything she could in order to find the passwords YOU GAVE HER to restore it again? After people had started making holds to app?

Don't try to deny it. I got her to give me the screenshots of the previous conversations for where you told her everything was good and then her finding out last night you deleted everything and blocked her.

She just found out a few minutes ago you removed her and changed the passwords again. What a wonderful human being you are -- not.

Not only did you delete the game again, change all of the passwords again, change the email this time -- even though the phone number that was used originally as recovery step was her original phone number you twat -- you removed her from everything and deleted the muse that her main one was tied into the most.

Gods, you really don't care who you lie to and hurt, do you? She stood by you through four failed games and when you bailed on a game you were supposed to be co-modding with another user when she first met you.

I hope no one ever trusts you on this server again so you can't fuck them over and crush them like you did her. Or betray them like you did the co-mod of your first mythology game.
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