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[17 Jan 2021|04:00pm]
I'm genuinely baffled by the fact that there's this notion that I left your game because I got manipulated into it. Besides the fact that I find it deeply insulting that you apparently think I'm weak-willed to the point that someone could manipulate me to the point of leaving an entire game, it's also just astonishingly lacking in self-awareness.

I left your game because I wasn't happy there. There were real life reasons as well, but the big thing was I just wasn't happy there. I tried to stick it out for a few friends but, at the end of the day, almost everyone I cared to write with had left. And beyond that, you failed as a mod. I brought you valid concerns that you ignored. Other people had brought you valid concerns that you ignored. You enabled bad behavior in your game. You had different standards for different people. You ignored huge problems in your game because it was your friends causing them.

I'm just completely confused by the idea that you would place the blame on someone who had nothing to do with me leaving rather than acknowledging that you made mistakes along the way that contributed to people not being happy in your game.
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