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Vents all around. [28 Dec 2007|12:59pm]
I have a PSL and I keep switching my chars. While I'd love to stay with my favorites, everything for them comes out all jumbled and incoherent. I can never get a solid plan/idea for them down. So now I've moved on, but said favorites are still screaming in my head and they won't stfu.

Also, shady mods. This is old news, but I never complained then because I felt keeping my mouth shut was the best option. I asked your permission for a certain claim and you said I could. Then I sign on a day later to find someone else has snatched it up, and you're all over them? WTF. And to make this more understandable: I couldn't totally claim my character as this thing, I'll say, because it was never stated outright in canon. I couldn't argue it.
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