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My rants... [17 Dec 2007|02:51am]
1) When one character has to have the same boyfriend in practically every game she's in, it's really annoying. Some variety won't kill you.

2) Don't people just love it when someone is so clique-ish, she only rps with the characters of a couple of people and doesn't bother to rp with anyone else? Kinda defeats the purpose of rp-ing, doesn't it?

3) When a character is dead and the ex-boyfriend really has no respect for the relationship, despite his claims that he loved her.
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Immaturity and favouriting. [17 Dec 2007|10:11am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Don't you hate it when a pending application-er has:

  • Ignored the application process and sent the app privately to your co-admin; even though it's quite obvious you should NOT ignore the process, let alone the rule where it states that both admins must approve the app for you to join.
  • Thrown a mini-hissy fit in the chatroom literally less than two days after the second admin gets to see the app through the co-admin, asking 'why aren't I approved yet', as apparently said apper is the best role-player evar, and how dare we even consider 'deliberating' on rejecting him or her.
  • Interrupted conversations in the chatroom a day after she or he has finished the new application, asking 'accepted me yet!?'.
  • Vaguely remarked that oh hey, they've written a rant regarding the rejection that the second admin must see; the second admin being the admin that the apper has avoided fromĀ  Day 1.
  • She or has not even sent the second admin the new, revised app; and vaguely commented 'you should ask your co-admin for the new app', because you're so goddamn l337, you get the minion co-admin to give it to the other admin as you can't do it yourself; let alone again, obeying the process and submitting it for the public view like everybody else does in the forum.
It's not smart, or ever wise, to threaten the administration with a 'rant post' when your application was rejected.

Take your pedophilia-character-fetish'd OC eslewhere, you fucking wanker.
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