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January 10th, 2013

The Pettiest Mod I have Come Across in Years!

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I would like to alert all to a serious issue with the creator of [info]snitched_rpg. I was recruited into this game to play ‘dark’ characters, as the game had an imbalance of ‘light’ characters and I am known for my ability to play ‘dark’ characters.

I asked one of the two mods if I could hold and apply for four characters – yes
I asked if I could make Gabrielle Delacour ‘dark’ leaning – yes.
My first two characters were accepted – with little trouble. (Theodore Nott & Astoria Greengrass)
As I had put the hold for all four characters up at the same time and had a deadline, I attempted to contact the creator/mod. She told me she was at work and would get back to me later that night. I pinged her again – no response. I looked at her Rabastan bio to work off of that. It is virtually empty. So I took what I could from it and submitted my application for Rod with the caveat that I was more than willing to change anything that did not fit with her perception of the character or their relationship.

I had not heard back, so I finished my application for Gabrielle and turned it in.

Both aps were declined and the creator/mod imed me telling me how insulted she was that I had taken such “liberties” with Rod’s application, that I had an imbalance of ‘dark’ characters, and that she had not played with me so she was not sure I could keep up with four characters.

1. I would not have had to take such liberties if she had actually bothered to fill out her own character’s bio.
2. The game had an imbalance of ‘light’ characters, I was asked to play ‘dark’ characters, I had talked to the other mod about that before even applying. Furthermore, none of my characters are even remotely similar – nor do they have anything to do with each other when it comes to actual interaction.
3. The other mod of the game has played with me and knows how many characters I can handle, other players in the game have played with me for years and know how many characters I can handle, and finally – I had put a link to my other game (in which I play five very active characters) on the bottom of my ap. It is an unlocked game. It would have taken her all of ten seconds to click the link and see how much ink I had on the page.

Because I liked the game and people in it, I decided to let it blow over and give it some thought. So after about a week of fairly heavy activity – each of my two characters had started threads and each of my characters had daily journal entries that were substantive.

I put in another hold for Rodolphus and Gabrielle. Putting in the text for the hold request that I wished to speak with both of the mods so that I could figure out how to modify these characters to better fit in with their needs.

I could not get a hold of one mod, and the other mod was online but did not contact me. I pinged one mod, was told she had to go do something, then later after she had signed off, the creator/mod imed me. I was told that:
1. She would not be accepting the characters because she found the applications not “good enough” – ignoring the fact that her bios are completely empty which, in my opinion, is a sign of bad modding as one should lead by example. Furthermore, none of my applications are locked. I invite anyone to look at [info]nott_taken, [info]hothouse_flower, [info]lesxsangsxpur, or [info]brokenchrysalis. You can also go to my cdj [info]jouez_moi and look at the active characters – their biographies are not locked either.
2. When I mentioned my level of activity so far – I was told that much of that activity was with myself. No. Most of my activity is in the form of two threads that are not related to my other characters. The only self-interaction is a couple of comments in the journal entries – as the two characters they accepted are Daphne Greengrass’ sister and her close friend… it would be a little odd if they ignored each other.
3. When I did mention that I understood issues with my applications fitting with her version of the game, I did not find it reasonable to say that they were not quality aps. She got very offended – was I questioning her view as the creator and mod of the game? No, I explained. Her view was fine – I simply wish to know what it was about the applications that made them not fit the game, most specifically Rod, so that I could change him in order to fit in with the game’s needs. The closest I got to an answer was the equivalent of because I said so.
4. Finally – because her interactions with me had been so hostile, I told her that I was going to sleep on whether or not I wished to remain in a game with such a hostile environment. This had nothing to do with the rejection – I simply do this for fun and to give my brain something to do other than its very serious occupation. In turn, she told me that she was going to have to consider whether or not she wanted me in the game, because the rules say that all mod decisions are final</b> and I had, in trying to create characters that better fit her game, apparently questioned her decision (despite the fact that I had made it clear that I was not questioning her decision, merely trying to find a way to alter the characters to better fit the game – attempting to improve, as there is always room for improvement.) Ultimately, she decided that she was going to kick me out of the game on the basis that I broke the rule that all mod decisions are final.

So yes… excellent modding. I am a very active player with nearly 10 years of experience in HP games. I have created and run more successful games than I can count. I neither do nor create drama. This is the first time that I have even considered posting something in one of these communities. Yet, this was so petty and so ridiculous that I could not simply leave others unaware. At the end of the day, I was asked to leave simply for challenging her decision (which I didn’t even actually do). Well here is the wisdom we are speaking of.

my Rodolphus Ap
her Rabastan bio

November 24th, 2009

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