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[16 Aug 2022|03:59am]
Eddie for my Buck or Ryan pb for Oliver?
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[16 Aug 2022|09:08am]
[info]frolics tessa thompson, michael b. jordan, and more marvel folks, book nerds to talk to while i'm sick.
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[16 Aug 2022|09:47am]
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[16 Aug 2022|10:55am]
[info]celeb missing stranger things cast, someone to trade songs with, telegram friends
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[16 Aug 2022|11:23am]
looking for something long term for benji or joel madden, would be up for joining a community. i do het and slash, but prefer slash. open to faces
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[16 Aug 2022|12:28pm]
[info]celeb telegram friends because i hate wire
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[16 Aug 2022|01:00pm]
[info]celeb anitta, bad bunny, bullet train cast, bodies bodies bodies cast, never have i ever cast💖🥹
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[16 Aug 2022|01:23pm]
[info]celeb jenna coleman 😍, tom sturridge, matt smith
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[16 Aug 2022|01:31pm]
[info]celeb friends/buddies/pals
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[16 Aug 2022|02:05pm]
[info]celeb dixie d’amelio, larri merritt, benny blanco, tate mcrae, tanner buchanan, myra molloy, madison pettis, devon lee carlson
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[16 Aug 2022|02:47pm]
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[16 Aug 2022|03:14pm]
home? psls? boys colleagues?
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[16 Aug 2022|05:16pm]
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[16 Aug 2022|05:17pm]
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[16 Aug 2022|05:28pm]
[info]maintain Madison Iseman and Millie Bobby Brown
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[16 Aug 2022|05:50pm]
[info]celeb tom glynn-carney, paul mescal, will poulter, joe alwyn, calam lynch, freddie fox, tamara lawrance, saoirse ronan, olivia wilde, ellora torchia, stefanie martini, barry keoghan, margot robbie, and paul dano
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[16 Aug 2022|06:38pm]
[info]terms custom buddies and co-stars.
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[16 Aug 2022|06:43pm]
[info]celeb friendly friend type pals
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[16 Aug 2022|07:06pm]
[info]celeb aubrey plaza
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[16 Aug 2022|07:12pm]
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[16 Aug 2022|09:09pm]
[info]celeb more tele/wire friends and people to watch movies with!!
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[16 Aug 2022|09:38pm]
[info]frolics gemma chan, kit harington, priyanka chopra, jenna coleman and sandman cast, matt smith and hotd/got cast!
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[16 Aug 2022|10:21pm]
[info]create anwar, kendall, jesse jo stark, stella maxwell, rami malek, irina shayk, vittoria ceretti, ramy youssef, paloma elsesser, rosalía, devon lee carlson
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