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[05 Jul 2022|01:47am]
[info]active hoyeon jung, lana del rey, drake, beyonce, stranger things cast for sadie & natalia
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[05 Jul 2022|04:02am]
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[05 Jul 2022|08:46am]
[info]celeb ✨alana champion✨
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[05 Jul 2022|11:08am]
[info]celeb happy mondayest tuesday to ever exist! anyone to bug today or tomorrow or forever
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[05 Jul 2022|12:02pm]
[info]terms will poulter, rami malek, gwilym lee, joe mazzello, ben hardy, florence pugh, laura dreyfuss, zoey deutch, julia schlaepfer, nick hoult, samara weaving, kelvin harrison jr., minnie driver, alan fitzalan, taron egerton, joe cole. people who want to be bombarded with telegram stickers.
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[05 Jul 2022|12:40pm]
[info]celeb paul mescal, calam lynch, tom blyth, freddie fox, daisy edgar jones, ellora torchia, saoirse ronan, charlotte spencer, stefanie martini, nina nesbitt, paul dano, barry keoghan, and will poulter
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[05 Jul 2022|01:18pm]
home or psl?
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[05 Jul 2022|01:56pm]
[info]active millie bobby brown, finn wolfhard, gaten matarazzo, caleb mclaughlin, joseph quinn, joe keery, and someone to write with!
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[05 Jul 2022|03:10pm]
home and/or psl
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[05 Jul 2022|05:17pm]
[info]celeb emma mackey, alexandra shipp, ncuti gatwa, margaret qualley, mary elizabeth winstead, alexander skarsgard, olivia wilde, samara weaving, saoirse ronan
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[05 Jul 2022|05:24pm]
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[05 Jul 2022|06:36pm]
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[05 Jul 2022|06:52pm]
[info]active cody bellinger, meredith mickelson, stranger things fans, more night owls
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long shot [05 Jul 2022|06:59pm]
does anyone know who the band Psyclon Nine is?
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[05 Jul 2022|07:02pm]
looking for a brian kinney character, don't care what face you use.
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[05 Jul 2022|07:06pm]
[info]active natalie portman, chris hemsworth mostly for tessa so she stops threatening me, missing gotg, rebecca ferguson, janelle monáe, mbj
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[05 Jul 2022|07:18pm]
home and maybe a joe to come with?
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[05 Jul 2022|07:31pm]
[info]frolics natalie portman, tessa thompson, liam hemsworth and friends to bother
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[05 Jul 2022|07:41pm]
[info]celeb telegram friends to bug and bother and love and make my best friend
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[05 Jul 2022|08:26pm]
[info]active rooney mara, chris hemsworth, simu liu
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[05 Jul 2022|09:00pm]
[info]maintain Michael rn, Niall, Louis, Liam, Khloe, Kourtney, Ariana, dove
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[05 Jul 2022|10:39pm]
[info]frolics eddie redmayne
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