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[17 May 2022|05:47am]
[info]terms taylor swift, friends
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[17 May 2022|07:18am]
still hoping to either find a pb like max wolfe (thomas doherty) or someone to actually celeb thomas for a line against my evan
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[17 May 2022|07:24am]
looking for someone willing to pb charlie hunnam for me or another bad ass looking guy for a slash line. looking for a long kind of like from the show sons of anarchy
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[17 May 2022|09:10am]
[info]active gigi hadid, ed sheeran, jack antonoff, martha hunt, jonathan van ness
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[17 May 2022|09:43am]
[info]celeb meg donnelly, matt cornett, asher angel, jack dylan grazer, chandler kinney, michael cimino and anyone who wants to be friends πŸ₯
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[17 May 2022|09:51am]
home? maybe a line for when i get there?
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long shot [17 May 2022|11:12am]
does anyone play any of the guys of my chem slash or would be willing?
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[17 May 2022|11:14am]
[info]active blackbear 🧸
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[17 May 2022|11:27am]
[info]celeb friends & anyone who wants a ping
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[17 May 2022|11:48am]
[info]celeb brendon urie, broadway babes, friends who like phantom of the opera memes
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[17 May 2022|02:12pm]
[info]require mike, [info]amethirlwall and the rest of little mix, all time low, camila cabello, taylor swift, selena gomez, jonas brothers, ariana grande, shawn mendes, charlie puth, zendaya, the veronicas, people to message!
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[17 May 2022|02:17pm]
halsey or someone fun for yungblud
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[17 May 2022|02:17pm]
someone fun for yungblud
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[17 May 2022|02:22pm]
[info]active ross, lana, etc. lovers and friends.
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[17 May 2022|02:32pm]
[info]terms lizzie olsen, brie larson, lizzo, pheobe bridgers
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[17 May 2022|02:49pm]
[info]profile all the friends
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[17 May 2022|03:18pm]
[info]active Chris Pratt, Josh Gad, Tina and Amy and Rashida. Jason Sudeikis, Seth Rogen, and Aisling Bea. The Apatows
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[17 May 2022|04:40pm]
[info]celeb obx cast
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[17 May 2022|05:21pm]
[info]celeb friends or fiends to annoy. rocky horror enthusiasts
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[17 May 2022|06:03pm]
[info]celeb dixie d'amelio and friends please
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[17 May 2022|06:09pm]
[info]require π™…π™π™‡π™„π˜Όπ™‰π™‰π™€ π™ƒπ™Šπ™π™‚π™ƒ
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[17 May 2022|07:20pm]
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[17 May 2022|07:42pm]
[info]require zayn malik, liam payne, louis tomlinson, niall horan, michael clifford, florence pugh, olivia wilde, taylor swift, camille rowe, kendall jenner, perrie edwards, [info]amethirlwall, gemma chan, scarlett johansson, sebastian stan, richard madden, mark ruffalo, people to befriend and love on β™‘
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[17 May 2022|07:50pm]
home for charlie puth?
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[17 May 2022|08:24pm]
a 🏠 or het/femme psl?
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[17 May 2022|08:54pm]
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Looking for PSL [17 May 2022|09:05pm]
I'm looking for a slow paced PSL. I'm open to ideas but was hoping the line could consist of a toxic relationship or the beginnings of one and the two can't seem to quit each other. I don't know much if anything about IJ so I can offer chatting and lines through Discord or Telegram. No comms please. Too confusing and too much upkeep. I like writing so if we could keep it to two paragraphs minimum that would be great!
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[17 May 2022|10:50pm]
[info]celeb new friends to bother especially ones who don't sleep
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