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[29 Nov 2021|02:36am]
psl? dan or annie would be amazing
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[29 Nov 2021|03:56am]
just wanted to see if my harry styles was out there that played him against max ryder
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trying one last time [29 Nov 2021|03:59am]
colin or jake for my jared long term, i'll give both my arms and legs for either pairing
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[29 Nov 2021|04:20am]
would anyone play chris evans against seb stan?
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[29 Nov 2021|07:53am]
looking for something slash for damiano david, open to any face!
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[29 Nov 2021|09:00am]
[info]celeb bob the drag queen, shangela, jinkx monsoon, bendelacreme, eureka o’hara, harvey guillen & everyone from what we do in the shadows. let’s watch food network together
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[29 Nov 2021|11:02am]
[info]celeb obx cast, joey king, and brianne tju please and thank you
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[29 Nov 2021|12:12pm]
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[29 Nov 2021|12:55pm]
home? psls? somebody to fucking shimmy with?
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[29 Nov 2021|02:08pm]
[info]celeb patrick mahomes, obj, baker mayfield, cam newton, jimmy garoppolo, george kittle, tyrann mathieu, braxton berrios
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[29 Nov 2021|02:50pm]
[info]active tom sturridge, john david washington, fka twigs, elizabeth debicki, mia goth, paul dano
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[29 Nov 2021|04:48pm]
psl? would love matty healy tbh
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[29 Nov 2021|04:57pm]
[info]active who wants a ping?
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[29 Nov 2021|05:28pm]
[info]item 💛
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[29 Nov 2021|05:29pm]
[info]active ben platt, david corenswet, rami malek, gwilym lee, ben hardy, joe cole, taron egerton, naomi watts, will poulter, kit harington. people to ping. people who want to rent out space in my hand bag, people who want to be showered with LOTR memes.
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[29 Nov 2021|06:36pm]
[info]celeb charlotte lawrence, gracie abrams, meredith mickelson, chase carter, kid cudi
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[29 Nov 2021|07:38pm]
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[29 Nov 2021|07:51pm]
[info]active debby ryan, sarah hyland, alfie allen, charlie hunnam, aldis hodge, aussies, and friends
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[29 Nov 2021|09:54pm]
[info]item hilarie, joy, james, greenberg, michael stahl-david
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[29 Nov 2021|10:35pm]
[info]active stranger things cast, fear street cast, other young celebrities!
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[29 Nov 2021|10:43pm]
[info]item Liam and more friends
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