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[21 Feb 2021|05:41am]
looking for someone that would either play another queen against a certain queen, a rock star/actor against one or play a drag queen against a musician
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[21 Feb 2021|05:48am]
still looking for someone that would play a stripper, porn star, merch girl for a line, even a tour manager that has something going on with the musician
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[21 Feb 2021|09:59am]
[info]celeb plato buddies and people who appreciate memes
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[21 Feb 2021|10:14am]
[info]celeb lakeith stanfield, ari lennox, issa rae, travis scott, pings
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[21 Feb 2021|12:32pm]
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[21 Feb 2021|03:52pm]
jade or perrie for a psl?
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[21 Feb 2021|04:21pm]
[info]celeb victoria pedretti hurry up it's our birthday
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[21 Feb 2021|05:55pm]
active psl, please! would love seonghwa but open to others.
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[21 Feb 2021|06:52pm]
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[21 Feb 2021|07:05pm]
[info]active seth meyers, phoebe waller-bridge, donald glover, kristen wiig, andy samberg, d'arcy carden, fred armisen, mindy kaling, jon hamm, amy schumer, jorma taccone, jessica chastain, james mcavoy, natasha lyonne, seth rogen, greta gerwig, hasan minhaj, cecily strong, will forte, kate mckinnon, kumail nanjiani, amy poehler, riz ahmed, issa rae, nick kroll, ali wong, paul rudd, steve yeun
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[21 Feb 2021|07:32pm]
[info]signature cara delevingne, bella thorne, prodigal son cast!
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[21 Feb 2021|07:40pm]
[info]celeb holla back youngins
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[21 Feb 2021|08:05pm]
[info]signature Joe Alwyn, Joe Jonas, Katy Perry, Camila Cabello, Gigi Hadid, Tom Hiddleston
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[21 Feb 2021|08:59pm]
home for bad bunny?
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[21 Feb 2021|09:08pm]
a home?
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[21 Feb 2021|09:58pm]
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[21 Feb 2021|10:12pm]
[info]celeb my lalisa
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[21 Feb 2021|10:13pm]
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[21 Feb 2021|10:48pm]
long shot but would someone play aaron rodgers against her?
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[21 Feb 2021|11:26pm]
[info]celeb new buds to 🐛
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