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[16 Feb 2021|12:32am]
[info]celeb austin porter, syd, kaytranada
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[16 Feb 2021|12:49am]
psl? anything?
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[16 Feb 2021|05:46am]
if i join ~active would anyone join for a line?
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[16 Feb 2021|06:51am]
[info]celeb tj lavin, chris tamburello, brent rivera, tayler holder, kyle deloera, gianni cardinale, noah beck, nikita dragun, michael clifford, luke hemmings, all time low, anyone that wants an early morning friend, ping, or plato
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[16 Feb 2021|07:14am]
[info]celeb scarlett leithold, bella banos, tana mongeau, whoever's ready for some high energy pings once this coffee kicks in
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[16 Feb 2021|10:01am]
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[16 Feb 2021|11:40am]
[info]signature Sebastian Stan and everyone else missing from my life
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[16 Feb 2021|11:41am]
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[16 Feb 2021|12:31pm]
[info]celeb michael gordon clifford and lucas robert hemmings, jess origliasso, liam payne, all time low, little mix, brent rivera
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[16 Feb 2021|12:56pm]
[info]celeb lilspirit, rickey thompson, phem, sammi sanchez, ashnikko, luka sabbat, euphoria cast, shea couleé 🥺 & anyone i can bother on wire or plato
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[16 Feb 2021|01:09pm]
[info]active Este & Alana, because it's my birthday.
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[16 Feb 2021|01:28pm]
[info]active seth meyers, phoebe waller-bridge, donald glover, kristen wiig, andy samberg, d'arcy carden, fred armisen, mindy kaling, jon hamm, amy schumer, jorma taccone, jessica chastain, james mcavoy, natasha lyonne, seth rogen, greta gerwig, hasan minhaj, cecily strong, will forte, kate mckinnon, kumail nanjiani, amy poehler, riz ahmed, issa rae, nick kroll, ali wong, paul rudd
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[16 Feb 2021|01:38pm]
[info]celeb mila j, H.E.R., donald glover, frank ocean, kid cudi, kehlani, winnie harlow, anyone who wants to be friends
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[16 Feb 2021|02:28pm]
[info]celeb crazy for you and teen wolf casts, britt robertson, bo burnham, zac farro, old friends and new friends to bug later
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[16 Feb 2021|05:13pm]
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[16 Feb 2021|05:50pm]
[info]active alex greenwald helloooooo
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[16 Feb 2021|06:04pm]
home with a ben platt?
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[16 Feb 2021|06:08pm]
[info]celeb costars, friends, and anyone doesn't need sleep.
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[16 Feb 2021|06:34pm]
[info]celeb miles teller
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[16 Feb 2021|07:38pm]
[info]celeb if you're sexy!!!!
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[16 Feb 2021|09:00pm]
[info]celeb austin, the kardashians, fai khadra, cara delevingne, people with great air fryer recipes and anyone that wants a ping or to plato
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[16 Feb 2021|09:29pm]
[info]celeb morgan stewart PLEASE
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[16 Feb 2021|09:53pm]
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[16 Feb 2021|10:01pm]
[info]active sarah paulson, karen gillan, lily rabe, ben schwartz, rahul kohli, édgar ramírez, elizabeth reaser, lena headey, sam rockwell, sophie turner
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[16 Feb 2021|11:17pm]
home, home on the range
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