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[14 Feb 2021|12:10am]
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[14 Feb 2021|01:27am]
[info]celeb julien baker, maggie rogers, conor oberst, paul mescal, dakota johnson, cara delevingne and evan rachel wood
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[14 Feb 2021|02:27am]
[info]active emily and everyone else, especially you
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[14 Feb 2021|03:11am]
[info]celeb 💘
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[14 Feb 2021|04:53am]
might be a long shot but psl with ryan? up for a home together too, screened post in the journal
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[14 Feb 2021|05:19am]
[info]celeb morgan stewart
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[14 Feb 2021|08:32am]
[info]celeb mila j, H.E.R., donald glover, frank ocean, keke palmer, kehlani, winnie harlow, a valentine, anyone who wants a random ping or teach me how to play plato games?
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[14 Feb 2021|09:37am]
[info]celeb liam payne to complete our 1d love fest on valentine's day💘
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[14 Feb 2021|09:45am]
[info]famosos brittany snow, sarah hyland, logan lerman, charlie hunnam, kit harington, victoria pedretti, penn badgley, selena gomez, brie larson
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[14 Feb 2021|11:14am]
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[14 Feb 2021|11:18am]
[info]celeb tessa thompson, constance wu, oliver jackson cohen, cara delevingne, anna kendrick, zoe kravitz
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[14 Feb 2021|12:13pm]
[info]celeb i am once again begging for the rest of McFly
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[14 Feb 2021|12:45pm]
[info]celeb EDWIN HONORET, AUSTIN PORTER, lido, rico nasty, new n old homies to talk to today
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[14 Feb 2021|01:16pm]
[info]celeb victoria monet & thundercat
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[14 Feb 2021|03:12pm]
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[14 Feb 2021|04:04pm]
[info]celeb matt bennett and doja cat... together, thanks
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[14 Feb 2021|04:19pm]
[info]celeb sweeties
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[14 Feb 2021|04:22pm]
[info]active ezra koenig
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[14 Feb 2021|04:25pm]
[info]celeb kendall visser, lucky blue smith, presley gerber, daniel mickelson, meredith mickelson, elisha herbert, friends who enjoy music, movies and games
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[14 Feb 2021|05:56pm]
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[14 Feb 2021|06:24pm]
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[14 Feb 2021|07:27pm]
[info]active emre turkmen, mikey goldworthy, lydia west, nathaniel curtis, omari douglas, callum scott howells, neil patrick harris, ben whishaw, mnek, munroe bergdorf, rina sawayama, carly rae jepsen, troye sivan, jacob bixenman, hayley kiyoko, russell tovey
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[14 Feb 2021|07:35pm]
[info]celeb andrew rothney, jeremy irvine, kate phillips, barry keoghan, lucy boynton, scarlett johansson, hayley atwell, eliza scanlen, tamara lawrance, olivia wilde, daisy edgar-jones, paul mescal, cillian murphy, tom hardy, joe awlyn, and george mackay to be my last minute valentine please
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[14 Feb 2021|08:12pm]
[info]celeb my sons in got7, hiari momo, son chaeyoung, minatozaki sana, hyuna, txt, skz, park jimin
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[14 Feb 2021|08:13pm]
[info]entourage twice!!
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[14 Feb 2021|08:43pm]
[info]celeb THE INVINCIBLE CAST candice patton, austin butler, harry shum jr, devon sawa, dustin ingram, janel parrish, karen fukuhara, brenda song, victoria justice, patrick schwarzenegger
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[14 Feb 2021|10:06pm]
[info]celeb the kardashians, cara delevingne, austin, edwin, someone to ping and watch movies wit
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[14 Feb 2021|11:09pm]
looking for a home/psl/alien overlords to abduct me, anything really
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