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[06 Feb 2021|12:52am]
home and/or psl?
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[06 Feb 2021|01:13am]
[info]celeb hayley law
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[06 Feb 2021|05:49am]
does anyone play miley, noah, demi or either twin of the veronicas? leave where to comment you please
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[06 Feb 2021|10:34am]
[info]celeb james corden, nick grimshaw, liam payne, louis tomlinson, someone to convince me to get plato
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[06 Feb 2021|11:51am]
[info]celeb luke bracey, leighton meester, finn wittrock, emilia clarke, garrett hedlund, joseph sikora, iddo goldberg, jason momoa, shai woodley, yvonne strahovski, scott eastwood, margot robbie, karen fukuhara, nathan fillion, jay hernandez, cara delevigne, idris elba, taika waititi, aussies, ping or plato pals
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[06 Feb 2021|11:59am]
[info]celeb victoria monet & thundercat
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[06 Feb 2021|12:13pm]
[info]celeb 🥸
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[06 Feb 2021|01:22pm]
[info]celeb irene, joy, yeri, wendy, super junior, exo, shinee, nct, aespa, snsd and more friends 💛
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[06 Feb 2021|01:55pm]
home by chance? or psl?
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[06 Feb 2021|02:04pm]
[info]famosos Dax, please.
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[06 Feb 2021|03:03pm]
psl? olly alexander maybe?
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[06 Feb 2021|03:20pm]
[info]celeb corey cott, kj apa, ashleigh murray, drew ray tanner, jordan connor, darren criss, grant gustin, lucy hale, kiernan shipka, air fryer enthusiasts, plato buds, someone to bug today
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[06 Feb 2021|03:39pm]
looking for a long term slash line, would anyone be down for discussing anything?
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[06 Feb 2021|03:46pm]
[info]celeb lebron, russell westbrook, blake griffin, larry nance jr, nba guys, si models
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[06 Feb 2021|04:00pm]
[info]active 🗣 JAKE GYLLENHAAL
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[06 Feb 2021|04:39pm]
[info]celeb louis, liam, james corden for me to love, people to ping and get beaten on plato with
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[06 Feb 2021|04:46pm]
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[06 Feb 2021|04:49pm]
[info]celeb lakeith
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[06 Feb 2021|05:39pm]
[info]celeb rest of the degrassi cast and friends to annoy 🤗
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[06 Feb 2021|06:14pm]
[info]famosos michael b. jordan, lily collins, richard madden, jake gyllenhaal, alexandra shipp, andrew garfield, brittany snow, kit harington, jason momoa, robert pattinson, lili reinhart, kj apa, charles melton, logan lerman!!, oscar isaac, henry cavill, charlie hunnam, friends, someone to watch malcolm & marie with tonight
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[06 Feb 2021|06:56pm]
[info]celeb 💓
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[06 Feb 2021|08:25pm]
[info]celeb justine skye
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[06 Feb 2021|08:34pm]
[info]celeb the rest of bts, stray kids, red velvet, enhypen, and txt
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[06 Feb 2021|08:41pm]
[info]celebfriends, hockey players, people to annoy
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[06 Feb 2021|09:37pm]
[info]famosos oscar isaac, diego luna, wagner moura, boyd holbrook, gal gadot, chris pine, kristen wiig. i'm too tired to type the rest but these should get here.
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[06 Feb 2021|10:12pm]
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