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[03 Feb 2021|03:26am]
[info]famosos michael b. jordan, lily collins, jake gyllenhaal, alexandra shipp, andrew garfield, brittany snow, kit harington, jason momoa, robert pattinson, lili reinhart, kj apa, charles melton, logan lerman, night owls, friends, people to watch true crime docs with
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[03 Feb 2021|05:03am]
[info]celeb brent rivera, tayler holder, kyle deloera, gianni cardinale, noah beck, nikita dragun, michael clifford, all time low, austin porter, anyone that wants an early morning friend, ping, or plato
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[03 Feb 2021|07:38am]
can i get something for this beauty?
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[03 Feb 2021|08:18am]
i'll donate my body to science if i can get a justin bieber for my jaden smith, pleasssseeeee!!!
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[03 Feb 2021|08:53am]
[info]celeb quinn hughes, brady tkachuk, miles wood, ty smith, josh norris, alex turcotte, trevor zegras, nathan bastian, andreas johnsson, blake coleman, connor carrick, mackenzie blackwood
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[03 Feb 2021|09:16am]
[info]celeb jimin, hoseok, and taehyung please.
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[03 Feb 2021|09:23am]
looking for someone that slash's justin timberlake, jude law, ewan mcgregor, jason momoa or jake gyllenhaal for something specific
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[03 Feb 2021|09:41am]
looking for a jake gyllenhaal for my jared leto
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[03 Feb 2021|09:52am]
[info]celeb jasmine tookes, alberto rosende, kelsey merritt, sam claflin, alexander ludwig, shanina shaik, martha hunt, anyone who wants a new friend today
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[03 Feb 2021|09:56am]
[info]celeb dev windsor, caroline lowe, cara santana, max mccaffrey, braxton berrios, sophie culpo, cam newton, brooks nader, jamie benn, haley kalil, camille kostek, teddy bridgewater, daniela braga, ty gaffney, panthers, si models, new buds to ping and plato today
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[03 Feb 2021|09:59am]
would anyone play another 'bad boy' against aaron carter? i want a really dramatic line, a lot of angst and all that fun stuff
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[03 Feb 2021|10:19am]
[info]celeb jamie benn
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[03 Feb 2021|11:00am]
[info]celeb diane guerrero, riley keough, joan smalls, yahya abdul-mateen, jake gyllenhaal, and whoever wants to watch the little things with me tonight
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[03 Feb 2021|11:09am]
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[03 Feb 2021|01:45pm]
[info]famosos zoey deutch, pedro pascal, lily collins, oscar isaac, eiza gonzález, joel kinnaman, brie larson, édgar ramírez, ryan gosling, rami malek, katherine langford, and wagner moura
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[03 Feb 2021|03:06pm]
Zendaya for a psl against Timothée Chalamet? Open to slash! Check the journal.
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[03 Feb 2021|03:16pm]
[info]celeb aj
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[03 Feb 2021|03:51pm]
[info]active joe alwyn, selena gomez, martha hunt, tiffany haddish, jobros, jack antonoff, ed sheeran
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[03 Feb 2021|04:21pm]
still hoping for a colson baker (mgk) or kourtney for him, noah cyrus or miley even!
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[03 Feb 2021|04:36pm]
[info]signature blackbear, adam levine, john mayer, stephen puth, charlotte lawrence
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[03 Feb 2021|05:05pm]
[info]celeb friends to ping
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[03 Feb 2021|05:19pm]
[info]celeb hunter schafer
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[03 Feb 2021|05:26pm]
[info]celeb james corden still, nick grimshaw, queer eye lads, liam payne, kevin jonas, jess origliasso, more plato buddies
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[03 Feb 2021|05:28pm]
can I get something for yblud?
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[03 Feb 2021|05:57pm]
[info]celeb vera farmiga, nicola peltz, jack o'connell, riz ahmed
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[03 Feb 2021|06:07pm]
[info]celeb brenda song, anyone who wants a friend
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[03 Feb 2021|06:46pm]
[info]active daniel kaluuya
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[03 Feb 2021|06:51pm]
[info]celeb tinashe
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[03 Feb 2021|06:59pm]
[info]famosos maisie williams, alexandra shipp, amanda seyfried, thomas sadoski, ana taylor joy, elle fanning, nicholas hoult, glen powell, zoey deutch
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[03 Feb 2021|07:15pm]
[info]celeb kevin!!!!!, jess origliasso, priyanka, michael clifford, people to play games with
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[03 Feb 2021|07:48pm]
[info]celeb lilspirit, the rest of the euphoria cast, rickey thomspon & anyone i can ping or plato tonight !
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[03 Feb 2021|08:33pm]
Does anyone here play any wrestlers?
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[03 Feb 2021|09:29pm]
[info]celeb meek mill
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[03 Feb 2021|10:30pm]
[info]celeb more friends
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[03 Feb 2021|11:21pm]
[info]celeb gavin leatherwood i have thoughts about sabrina pls arrive
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