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This comm is open to anyone to post codes, layouts, resources, tutorials, and requests for help and content. Of course, we do have some rules, so please read through them before jumping in; thank you!

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■ If posting codes, guides, etc. absolutely do not post content that you did not make. That's stealing, and it's super uncool, bro! If you are posting expanded/edited codes made by yourself using another user's coding as well, please be sure you have their permission (You do not need direct permission if they allow edits to be re-posted in their blanket rules.)
■ Do not post tutorials/links to tutorials that show people how to steal codes from other users. Again: Stealing. Not cool.
When asking for help with something, please check the help tags (help: coding, help: graphics, help: icons, help: layouts, help: other) first to see if your question has already been posted and answered to avoid duplicates.

We do not allow game ads to be posted on this comm since there are so many communities specifically for that already; if you're pimping a game as an addition to a regular post, that's fine. (OK: You post an RP code and mention in the post, oh hey, also I'm running this game! NOT OK: Posts dedicated to game promo.)

We do allow other types of community promos if they are related to RP (icon comms, other types of resource comms, etc.) Just shoot us a comment in our dropbox beforehand and we'll let you know if it's cool to post!

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Hi there you guys. I am in desperate need of help. I just upgraded my MacBook and now all of my icons are blurry and icky. I know you have to double the pixel size to make things look good on a retina display but how does that work for posting icons over here on IJ? The only work around I found was making them at 200x200 and putting the width and height size in my image code but when people save the icon its in the larger size. Can anyone help or point me in the right direction? Thank you so much in advance.


Sep. 17th, 2021 05:29 pm (UTC)
this is late and i might have been reading this wrong or telling you something you already know- i have a macbook air and had the same issue when i first started using it. it sounds like you're resizing the images to 200x200 rather than just using zoom at 200%. the dimensions (100x100) stay the same when you're cropping and resizing, and it's going to look kinda weird on your mac but in all the times i've looked at the icons i've made on my pc or phone browser, they look okay. it sucks but i have just been winging it and hoping they turn out okay
Sep. 19th, 2021 12:27 am (UTC)
I so appreciate the reply. Im so frustrated with it that all my icons are taken down at the moment. Wordpress has a plugin that detects if a viewer uses a retina display so I may go that route. Grr. Thank you so much for the reply.