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RPG List: Game & Character Ads for all.

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Marchen Academy

What is Happily Ever After?
(OC only Fairytale Game)
The Thousand Kingdoms has stood on the traditions of their legends for ages. Each sovereignty held their own weight and place in the structure of society leaving very little in the ways of increasing one's status. If there was ever a change to come, it would be slow. That was until the paths to the Outlands opened.

The Marchen Academy was established between the fairies of the Outlands and those in the Thousand Kingdoms, in an attempt to help integrate the new worlds into society and foster goodwill and close bonds between the youth of neighbouring kingdoms. Alliances are to be created and trade to grow so that each can bring prosperity to the lands around them and a better world for their children to grow up in.

Some see this as an opportunity. Some see this as a threat.

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