November 2015



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August 24th, 2015

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babs/ronan partying it up

[Babs was in need of some fun that didn't include skinning deer or crafting leather armor. Skyrim was a great way to blow off steam and clear her head, but she was only 21 and she needed a reminder of what real fun looked like. With all her friends pretty much gone from Burnside and her bat family unfamiliar at best, she couldn't ask any of them to go dancing with her without constantly worrying about stepping on toes (figuratively). She needed to make new friends and some in the other door would be even better.

And for the record, she did make shirts. No, they weren't the highest quality or even the best thing to have on your shirt when going out for a night of partying, but Barbara didn't care. If they could have a good time being goofballs, they could get dressed up next time. She was wearing her shirt with some cute jeans and her red hair curled to look flowy and princessy (which contrasted the TRASH lettering on her shirt nicely). And she had Ronan's shirt wrapped up in some dollar store wrapping paper with purple stars all over it. She thought that (plus buying him a few drinks?) would make up for taking a sabbatical in another door.

She waited near the Marvel door and tried not to look nervous. It didn't really work. When was the last time she made friends, anyway?]

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"Mortal Danger" in Marvel - Bruce B, Pepper P, Selina K, Steve R, Gwen S, Bucky B (+JARVIS)

[The coordinates that Robert provided were on the water, just at the river and overlooking the murky blue that Selina assumed hid Tony's bay lab from nosy eyes. And, honestly, what had the man been thinking? Building something down there. It seemed the most unsafe thing a person could do, and it didn't surprise her at all that Tony had done just that. Oh, she'd known about the lab when the last version of Robert Banner had been working on it, but looking down at that murky water made her comprehend just how deep the thing had to be.

Alright, so the kitty cat was fond of taking risks, but she was as hypocritical as anyone else. And right now? Right now she wanted to hiss at the tin man. It didn't help that she was tense, and that her mood wasn't precisely buoyant. And maybe she was a tiny bit concerned with what they'd find inside the lab itself. JARVIS had all but confirmed that Tony was inside and not doing well.

Impatient, she settled her hands on her hips. She'd taken a few minutes to change into skinny jeans and a simple t-shirt in black, her whip looped through the jean's beltloops, and heeled boots on her feet. And unlike the hotel lobby, now it was her turn to pace.] What's taking them so long?

[She assumed they'd let JARVIS know when everyone was there, and commence this farce of mortal danger that somehow involved six people who hadn't even been in the same space prior to said mortal danger occurring. And the fact that JARVIS went for that? It was the most worrisome thing of all.]

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[text to clem m.]

when you done bein rugged and shit? our dog misses you

[text to declan m.]

you're missing all the fun shit dude


Cute picture of a pug underneath the cut )

where's the dog modling agencys tho

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[As "Superboy." Yep, really.]

This is how the Justice League keeps tabs on us now?