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[02 May 2016|03:05pm]
looking for manips? pm me.
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[10 Jan 2014|02:29am]

forever in love with the person who would make peter capaldi/eve myles manips as well as eve myles/daniel gillies manips! <3
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[26 Jul 2013|02:05am]

I was wondering if anyone could make me some manips to icon of Jessica Alba and Chris Pine. My girl is currently pregnant so if you can fit that in, I'd love you forever. I can offer two rename tokens or a ten dollar certificate for it.
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[15 Jun 2013|10:30pm]

could someone make me a manip of candice swanepoel and kit harington?
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[01 Mar 2013|11:38pm]

I was wondering if someone could make a manip (or two) of Dave Navarro and Mia Kirshner? Highly appreciated. The three links to a Mia gallery are some of her most recent pictures.


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[15 Jan 2013|06:18pm]

If someone were to make me a handful of manips of Hayley Williams with rainbow streaked hair, that would pretty much be the best thing ever.
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[03 Jan 2013|10:11am]

Anyone here use GIMP? A friend told me about it when I needed a program to make icons, but I haven't tried it out yet. Any reviews? And is it good for manips?
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after a long while of not maniping, i had fun wondering off into psl-land. [05 Oct 2012|06:52am]

i present the good bad and ugly. kat von d preggers )
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[18 Aug 2012|06:10pm]

this is my first time posting in here but i was inspired yesterday to dust off my ps skills and decided to try my hand at a few easy things before i give a go at the harder things.

these are a few manips of ashley tisdale with pink hair that i did last night, they're not great but hey! they make for decent icons! picture heavy )
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[21 Feb 2012|04:30pm]

Two old ones of Armie Hammer & Jennifer Lawrence. I like the first. The second is kinda meh, but maybe it's useful to somebody.

Armie & Jennifer )
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my kingdom for your manips [08 Feb 2012|02:19am]

any manips of ryan kwanten/mila kunis? if not, would someone be willing to make some?
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Are there any? [30 Jan 2012|11:07am]

Manips of Bradley Cooper and Jessica Stroup together floating around out there or would anyone be willing to make one?
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Does anyone know of -- [15 Jan 2012|12:39am]

Does anyone know of any Matt Barr and Taylor Momsen manips?
They're a bit of a crackship I have going on in a roleplay.
I'd love to see some shots of them -together-

Thanks in advance if anyone knows of any or if anyone can make a few.
Screencap manips are loveee.
Candids, Photo-shoots, Anything works really.

As long as the two are manipped to appear couple-ish.
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[24 Dec 2011|10:06pm]

Could I get a manip of Elisabeth Harnois with Benjamin Burnley and one of Gale Harold and Genevieve Cortese-Padalecki? Can provide pictures if you'd like. Thanks.
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[05 Dec 2011|10:42pm]

I was wondering if I could get some pregnancy manips please of Cory Monteith and Lea Michele. I have the pics if that helps out a lot. Oh and can she look 6-7 Months pregnant?

Pics I would like pregnancy manips with please :) )

I will be forever grateful! THANK YOU!
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honest opinions always welcome! [23 Oct 2011|07:28pm]

candice swanepoel and chris evans )
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[22 Oct 2011|08:07pm]

I would be overjoyed if someone would be willing to make some manips of Candice Swanepoel & Cam Gigandet. :)
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[11 Oct 2011|04:11pm]

i'm not sure if anyone still takes requests, but i figured i'd still try and ask. could someone possibly make me a pregnancy manip of julianne hough? she'd be about 14 weeks along.

thanks either way!
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[19 Sep 2011|10:55am]

I'm in desperate need of a rename so I'm taking manip requests if you can provide me with one (one manip/couple = one rename)! I do have a lot of time on my hands today & tomorrow, so if you request one from me today or tomorrow (9/19 & 9/20), you'll more than likely get it within a couple hours. Examples of my ~work~ are here & there's also this one that I made out of sheer boredom. All that I ask is if you leave me with a few pictures to choose from (or if you want to see if I'd be able to manip a specific set of pictures together, I'll accept that challenge~), and I'm not all that great manipping candids together so keep that in mind!
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[09 Sep 2011|11:32pm]

I'll be taking manip requests on my Tumblr page dedicated to my manips/makings.
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