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5/16/22 10:17 am - [info]d_mcintyre

Before I go through the process of making a game up would there be any interest. A strictly wrestling based game. No play by.

Comments are screened. Any are welcome.

5/11/22 02:00 am - [info]jennifernobody

A PB group for pro wrestling faces. Yes, a fresh ad. [info]theindies I'm currently looking for fellow trainees, friends she may have, and possible mentors/trainers/guest trainers who come into her life since she is a trainee. There's an endless possibility on faces, but I'm very partial to people like Toni Storm, CM Punk, Hangman Adam Page, Eddie Kingston, Jamie Hayter, Britt Baker, Darby Allin, and more really.

5/10/22 04:36 pm - [info]cgrhodes

I'm back. Psls? Home?

4/29/22 10:19 am - [info]asharpe

Advocating for [info]theindies because it's something different and wrestling gaming needs a boost. I also want to see great characters with faces I love. All aboard now.

4/28/22 10:30 am - [info]dmasi

Come to [info]theindies this hunk of muscle needs people to powerbomb.

4/27/22 01:58 pm - [info]jennifernobody

[info]theindies darby allin. kris statlander. chris jericho. toni storm. britt baker. adam cole. roman reigns. jon moxley. becky lynch. charlotte flair. cody rhodes. everyone. i want to see all of the faces.

4/26/22 07:17 pm - [info]g1

femme lines for anyone in the icons? celeb or pb

4/23/22 08:10 pm - [info]theindies

[info]theindies a new PB game for wrestling faces now accepting holds and applications.

4/20/22 10:08 pm - [info]hjohnlcenar

Thiccky Creamboat
Ultimo Wagon
Claptus Jack
Suplexis Texas

Ms. Nikita Lyons.

What’s happenin’, ma?

4/20/22 02:07 pm - [info]gjdaddio


4/10/22 10:43 am - [info]shanemac

Something for shane.

4/2/22 07:24 pm - [info]ginnywallace

Would love to see some more wrestling faces at [info]alnerwick. This girl could use a few good friends.

3/16/22 09:21 pm - [info]woltzsb

psl? het only, and unconventional is good. non-wrestlers (actresses/models) even better.

3/15/22 07:30 pm - [info]4postsandcanvas

Mandy or GiGi for DZ?

3/8/22 03:59 pm - [info]kauflex

psls? no presidents!!

2/25/22 02:34 pm - [info]idk_my_bff_jill

Looking to house one of the following ladies --

Sasha Banks
Bianca Belair
Liv Morgan
Maria Kanellis
Stephanie McMahon

Who's wanted where?

2/25/22 01:35 pm - [info]devlinson

If you're into creating characters on a PB level, [info]alnerwick is a slice of life PB game with a small twist in who lives in the town. We've got a few wrestling faces there including this one and would love to see more around those parts. It's been fun.

2/25/22 12:03 am - [info]shaneomcmoney

Alexa Bliss?

2/7/22 10:02 pm - [info]4postsandcanvas

Ya know..I really need a selfie with Maryse - or maybe Nikki Bella - but I wouldn’t mind venturing through the forbidden door for a good one. You choose the setting.

1/24/22 09:37 pm - [info]jackperry

any aew dudes out there?
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