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4/12/21 06:13 pm - [info]_the_boss_

Can we pleeeease get some more folks over at [info]indiepromotion? Dying to get more active with The Boss here.

Also, looking for any of the following for some PSLs:

Rhea Ripley
Roman Reigns
Alexa Bliss
Becky Lynch
Stephanie McMahon
Sammy Guevara
Cody Rhodes
Big E
Britt Baker
Anna Jay

4/12/21 06:32 am - [info]kairopractor

psls, please. v bored. preferred partners and other info in the journal.

4/10/21 03:22 am - [info]dnambrose

something het for jon?

4/8/21 09:32 am - [info]daquelriaz

demi? xia? i know you're out there.

3/29/21 06:08 pm - [info]crung

Would anyone play Rena Mero against Vince McMahon for a private storyline?

3/26/21 03:17 pm - [info]colone

zack ryder? after all the nice things you’ve said about me on your podcast, i’d be kind of into a psl.

also open to pretty much anyone else.

3/21/21 07:56 pm - [info]4postsandcanvas

Alexa Bliss the Viper is looking for you..

3/16/21 03:32 pm - [info]122822

A psl for Steve Austin? Out of the ordinary, but I'd love Bayley or Sasha for something different.

3/15/21 07:15 pm - [info]demib

considering hitting the pike and retiring this one, but advertising [info]indiepromotion anyway while i decide since they're a pretty chill place and have been for a while.

3/15/21 05:47 pm - [info]cassroyce

peyton wants to come out and play.

interests include; drew mcintyre & finn balor, but always open to other ideas... give me your best.

3/12/21 09:49 pm - [info]fdevit

I'm rather bored these days. A slash line or two for him?

3/11/21 10:46 am - [info]rplove

Are there any active games out there? I would love to revive my Tripe H.

3/10/21 05:48 pm - [info]lighttubes

het psls for PAC? would love rhea, shotzi, asuka, etc but i'm open

3/10/21 04:50 pm - [info]aseb

something het and long-term for dana?

3/7/21 02:14 pm - [info]dnambrose

hey bay ley

2/28/21 10:31 pm - [info]jnca

Slash lines?

2/28/21 01:23 pm - [info]sebashl - femme only, open to others

mandy? charlotte? someone give me something.

2/25/21 09:56 pm - [info]demib

fielding applications for roommates. [info]indiepromotion

must like animals.
must tolerate metal music.

2/21/21 08:26 pm - [info]uce

[info]indiepromotion, thinking about heading back that way. Who's coming with?

2/21/21 05:28 pm - [info]kairopractor


kyle o'reilly. you seem like you need some tlc.
adam cole. you're a bad, bad boy bay bay. call me.
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