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Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

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    Start of posting, and backups still needed
    The good news: posting starts today!

    The not-so-good news: we're still in need of three backups.

    There's some het, some slash, some gen, some Snape, some teachers, some Blacks and some Malfoys as well as Harry etc. among the requests. If you want to take a look at the requests to see if you could write something, please comment (they are screened) or drop us a line! (reversathon @

    ETA: All backup requests have been taken - THANK YOU so much to everyone who volunteered!
    And we're off!
    Posting starts today!

    In a few minutes we'll be kicking off the posting for the [info]reversathon 2012.

    We will be posting one or two entries each day for the next three weeks or so, generally two short story or art entries or one long story, but that may vary on some days as we are still finalising the posting schedule.

    Comments on entries will be enabled only on Insanejournal so that all can be found in one place.

    Please remember that both writers/artists and recipients will all remain anonymous until the end of the fest, so be careful when leaving a comment on your gift! Feel free to leave an anonymous and non-anonymous version to keep people in the dark about your identity, or to create a sock journal for your wizarding name to thank your author/artist.


    Our participants are required to warn for major character death, non-con, underage (below 18), bestiality, and necrophilia if they appear in their entry. Please note that these warnings may be obscured, so if any of them are deal-breakers for you be sure to check them.


    If you have a problem with an entry posted as part of the fest, please direct your concerns to the mods at reversathon @ rather than posting a comment to the entry itself. It's difficult for authors to respond when they are anonymous, and they are unable to help with any technical issues you are having or to make edits to the entries.

    One final reminder to participants: please be sure to use the reversathon @ email address when contacting the mods or submitting your final drafts as [info]fluffyllama will be without internet access for a week starting 4th August. The Reversathon email address forwards to both mods, so you can be sure someone will receive it.

    Now, on with the posting!

    Your mods,

    [info]fluffyllama and [info]trobadora
    "Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Snape" for "Dalmatia Blott"
    Title: Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Snape
    Author/Artist: Wilma Wheedle ([info]kellychambliss)
    Recipient: Dalmatia Blott ([info]leni_jess)
    Character(s)/Pairing(s): Minerva McGonagall/Severus Snape
    Rating: PG-13
    Word count: ~4000
    Warnings: None
    Summary: Over the course of Severus's long tenure at Hogwarts, Minerva's opinion of him undergoes many changes.
    Author's notes: My recipient asked for a story that traced Severus's changing relationship with Minerva or Poppy or Hooch. Many thanks to my expert beta for working wonders at very short notice.
    I was honoured to be able to write this story as a memorial to [info]leni_jess, a wonderful on-line friend and writer who brightened HP fandom with her presence and whose absence will long be felt.

    Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Snape )
    "Anguilliform" for "Gilda Groendyke"
    Title: Anguilliform
    Author/Artist: Delilah Dillwort ([info]gmth)
    Recipient: Gilda Groendyke ([info]bellariddle)
    Character(s)/Pairing(s): Lord Voldemort, The Grey Lady
    Rating: PG
    Word count: 4497
    Warnings: None
    Summary: A treasure hunt leads to an important find. And a new friend.
    Disclaimer: These characters don't belong to me.
    Author's notes: For Gilda Groendyke, who wanted a to see a snapshot of Voldemort's activities after leaving Hogwarts/during his rise to power. I hope this fits the bill. Thanks so much to my wonderful beta and to the mods for all their hard work.

    Anguilliform )

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