May 2014



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Hey There--

Hey guys … It's Amy Zoey [info]_zombieslayer_ Pansy [info]heartofgreen and Trisha [info]asifyoudnotice

I hadn't realized how long I was going to be away-ish. Or I would have posted a Hiatus notice. Sorry for that. RL Stress got out of hand, and I haven't been online a lot besides for my aim to auto-sign in. But I've mostly been AFK.

Wanted to post here, say that I should be more active. And sorry for the lapse of activity last couple weeks. I see we've had a bunch new characters added. If you wanta plot with any of mine, just let me know. All the two threads I had, I’ll look at and reply. One with Zoey, and the other was a group thread with Pansy, the Babydoll get together.



Hey, everyone. It's Raven, here. I'm on the contact post as "Alison" but Fangface (Adrian) calls me Raven a lot so I'm just going to do that. Brat.

Anyhoo, I just thought I'd give a quick run-down on my characters in game.

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Hey there everyone, I'm Adrian.
I just joined and wanted to make a post to say hi.
I got brought to IJ about 2 years ago or so by a friend, and I've only been in games she ran..
So this is all pretty new to me.

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plot stuff/things.

Hello all, this is Anne, captain of Rick Grimes, Jefferson, and Courage.

Since there's a lot of us running around in here now I thought it'd be cool to try and coordinate some sort of character plot.

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Hey gang. So I posted an open thread in the ballroom. Pansy wanted to check out the people meeting and figuring the hotel out and whats going on. But I made it so is a few hours before the actual gathering of people at Babydolls request. Mostly cause I wasn't sure if Bria was planning on starting that post with Babydoll or not. But I'm more than happy to edit it, so that it IS the start of people gathering if Bria and other muns wish it. Just let me know here, if so or not.


Hey guys!

I just got a super quick little request if y'all got the time/inclination to help me out a bit.

As some of you might know, Emma here is a telepath -and a pretty nosy one at that. As things stand, it's pretty common for her to get bored and snoop, so what I kinda need from you guys is a little minute of your time to fill out a little form to say if I can have her take some liberties, or if it's a strict no no.

This is a permissions form, it's short and sweet and anything that any player wants in regards to their character goes; so if it's a yes or no, I won't question you bro.

Please and thanks?