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Ramblings and Pleading.

Alright … I would like to go home now! I mean this is great and all, and I expect to see Jack Nicholson or Bruce Campbell jump around a corner at any moment. But .. even with all mutated fucked up Zombies, I'd rather be home. With my .. With Francis and Louis. We were going to an Island.. We were going to get away from the infection. That was the PLAN! Not be sent off here, with nothing to do... except walk the grounds. I already tried leaving.. walking in every direction outside away from here. I wound walking straight back to the front of the Overlook. .. I swear that name is soo familiar. I can't figure it out. I mean, it was too much like the freaking Identity with John Cusack. Haa was a hotel in that film too. Anyway.. Sorry for Horror references, just is what I know. Be it film.. or the shocking reality that I live in a world of the undead.. except.. ya know I'm NOT cause I'm here!! PLEASE CAN I GO HOME now, what ever maleficent force that brought me here. What is your purpose?? .. Or at least, can you bring my friends here with me.


[Private; Harry Potter]

So.. any luck yet? Found any clues about escape options?

Also, I should give warning. I heard there have been a disappearance on occasion. I'd suspect foul play. So it may be best that you not be alone if you go anywhere outside.


Well this place certainly is fascinating, but I'm not sure that I like the feeling here...


Okay whoever doesnt explain why the hell I'm here, that person is gettin' an arrow in the gut. Trust me you don't want to exoerience that. Someone better have some answers or that arrow is flyin' either before I start huntin' down some. Y'all understand?

Any of my people here? If I'm by myself? Guess things could be a hell of a lot worse.


I really wish that Killian or even Peter were here. Hate being in this creepy hotel.

Anyone want to do something? I'm bored.


Oh, how I wish I had David here with me.

Would anyone care to indulge in a small chat with me?
Maybe I'll get lucky and it will be a human...I need a little blood.


Feeling a lot better, today.
Adrian, bro, you seriously rock.
I thought I was going nuts.


Fuck. I need blood, soon.


Well....this sure isn't the Hilton Hotel.
How am I alive and did I get sent to Hotel Creeptacular?
I swear hell was cozier than this place.


The "fun" is over.
I wish to leave. Now.


Filtered to vampires.

Um... I was hoping someone could tell me where a vampire could possibly get blood from here?

I can handle either blood bags or from the source. It's just important that I get it.


Whoa, okay.
I don't care how big this old house is. The dark, creepy library attic I used to mope around in is still a step up from this place.

Anyone here?


Mon dieu. I didn't even do anything, and I'm in trouble. Again.
Marius was probably right about me.


So, has anyone seen a guy around here? He wears a leather jacket and um, growls a lot. He answers to the name Derek.


This is a little hard to believe.


This.. Really wasn't what I expected when I decided to come here for a vacation.


What the hell?! I just saw him the other day and now he's gone.


I do not understand. What place is this, what sorcery brought me here?? I must get back! I need to find Kara. We.. we are supposed to have a life together but I can't find her anywhere. But this place. I know it's not normal, I can feel it.


Filtered to Steve Rogers (616)
"Good at not getting lost," he says.


Everyone remember that guy who posted on the network, valiantly promising to bring us all together on a heroic quest to unlock the mystery of this place?

Yeah. Well. He's missing.

Has anyone seen him?

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