Who: Daryl and Hope
What: Reuniting,and all that jazz
Where: Somewhere in the hotel
When: Eveningish?
Why: Daryl needs to remember his lil ass kicker
Rating: PG-13. This IS Daryl after all.
Open: those mentioned, and any walking dead characters.

The crossbow bad ass has arrived )


Who: Peter&Wendy
What: Reuniting?
Where: Somewhere in the hotel
When: After her net post
Why: He wants to talk to her and show her he has changed.
Rating: PG-13
Open: Just to them

Let me show you how sorry I am )


Come what may?

Who: Zoey, and OPEN
What: Random Meetings? And interaction.
Where: Outside, against the side of the Hotel.
When: Late Afternoon.
Status | Rating: OPEN | PG?/ TBD
Notes: umm.. Multiple taggers welcomed?

Today , she'd wandered the hedge maze, investigated the outside of the hotel on all sides. And now was sitting in the grass leaning against a wall. )


|[ WHO ]| : Lestat and David
|[ WHERE ]| : The lobby
|[ WHEN ]| : After their short conversation in the network.
|[ WHAT ]| : Meeting. And other things. Who knows?
|[ RATING ]| : PG-13. Could be biting b/c they're vampires.
|[ STATUS ]| : Closed.

Read more... )


|[ WHO ]| : Christian Ozera
|[ WHERE ]| : Ground floor of the hotel
|[ WHEN ]| : Evening, a little past 8.
|[ WHAT ]| : Looking for feeders or blood.
|[ RATING ]| : PG-13 (blood)
|[ STATUS ]| : Open

They could trust Christian. He wouldn't ever kill someone while feeding.  )


Who: The Ninth Doctor&Rose Tyler
What: Finding each other
Where: Somewhere in the maze
When: After her net post
Why: Does Nine need a reason?
Rating: PG-13 at the very highest
Open: Just to them

I love a happy medium )


Who: Jefferson and Grace
Where: Hotel Entrance
What: Another reunion, Grace gets the informational on the Overlook
When: Thursday night;
Status/Rating: Close/ G.


Who: Emma Swan; open to anyone else
Where: creepy hotel bar
What: Some light tension relief with some questionably stocked alcohol after a long day of finding no new information.
When: Wednesday night;
Status/Rating: Open; possible language, drinking, PG13ish

There's a party at the bar everybody put your glasses up and I drink to that )


who? pond & grimes
what? random meeting while gathering supplies and generally being sensible
where? lobby, administration area
when? 15 april, afternoon
status / rating in-progress » p for pond! g for grimes! shenanigans! i don't know!

i got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire )


Who: Emma, Jefferson, Henry, Wendy - other OUAT peoples around the place
Where: in and out the mulberry bush ground floor heading up
What: Emma, Henry and Jefferson go on a scavenger hunt for Grace; and find others along the way!
When: shortly after this
Status/Rating: Open to all OUAT people; likely PGish.

the monkey chased the weasel )


Who: Arthur & Merlin
Where: Third floor for starters, then off to who knows where.
When: After this.
What: Reuniting and exploring around the hotel.
Status | Rating: Closed | TBD
Notes: Spoilers for the series finale of Merlin + AU-ness.

And all the roads we have to walk are winding /And all the lights that lead us there are blinding / There are many things that I would / Like to say to you / But I don't know how )


Who: Pansy, and all those gathering to figure things out.
What: Waiting in the ballroom for others to show up. And group gathering.
Where: Inside the Hotel – Ballroom.
When: Morning.
Status | Rating: OPEN to All | TBD? I guess.
Notes: Nope, nothing now.

'Out with you, already!!' She shouted, as she stood withdrawing her wand. )


So Skittish!

Who: Zoey, and OPEN
What: Food search.
Where: Headed from the third floor where she isolated herself.
When: About dawn, very early morning. To avoid running into people.
Status | Rating: Complete | PG13
Notes: Thread start is very long/descriptive. Complete-- Unless new people/others want to tag. I'd be cool with continuing with this.

She hadn't seen anyone, infected or wandering people. But then, she heard something dead ahead. )


Who: Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert
Where: Lobby; then further into the hotel
What: Exploration
When: After this
Rating: TBD; will update

Why couldn’t you indulge in the greatest thing you had ever known? )


Who: Rick Grimes & Michonne
What: Explorations lead to revelations lead to reunions
Where: First floor and beyond~
When: Mid-day
Status | Rating: Closed | Likely; PGish

oh baby it's a long way down to the bottom of the river )


Who: Rick Grimes, Chris Argent, Judith Grimes, Laura Hale, Luna Lovegood, and OTA any hotel residents / things they run into...
What: Searching the hotel
Where: Overlook Lobby, then the depths of the hotel.
When: Late Afternoon
Status | Rating: Open | PG-13ish? Just in case.


Who: Bugs and Lola
What: Arrival
When: Night
Where: The Hotel
Status/Rating: TBA

Bugs got more props then a Warner Brothers lot/More money then any rappers voice )


Who: Judith "Hope" Grimes; OTA
What: Legit being plucked from her time and planted here.
Where: The lobby of the Overlook.
When: Eveningish.
Status | Rating: Open | Probably no higher than PG-13.

This certainly doesn't look like the prison. )


Who: The Overlook Hotel and some of it's...residents.
Where: The hotel, obviously
What: Not expecting visitors
When: Ghosts have no aspect of time
Status | Rating: Closed | PG-13 at the most

Welcome to the Overlook. Enjoy your stay. )