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1/20/08 01:29 pm - [info]hurathixet - Harry Potter Golden Trio

Hi! First post, new to the comm, etc.

Can anyone rec me some Harry/Hermione/Ron 'fic, especially long (or novel-length) ones?

10/10/07 01:37 am - [info]rainystreets - Draco/Hermione - Post Hogwarts

Hey there, everyone! I'm new to this community and looking for some good fics (which are becoming very hard to find after I've read so many!)

Right now I'm mainly looking for some good Draco/Hermione Post Hogwarts fics (Long ones, please!) or Draco/Harry post Hogwarts fics (Long, too!)

Please rec some good ones!!! Thanks!!!

And if anyone is interested, I have some good ones I could rec as well. Let me know. :)

9/9/07 02:11 pm - [info]hergunfight - snape/sirius/remus

I was wondering if you lovely people could rec me this threesome in a caring if not disfunctional relationship??

9/3/07 06:42 pm - [info]vowtriere

Rec me Neville gen fic! Post DH if possible.

9/1/07 09:10 am - [info]suonguyen - Looking for Ron/Draco fics

Hey guys was hoping someone could rec me some fics with Ron and Draco as the main pairing!

8/31/07 01:46 pm - [info]sdk - Request for Snape

Hi guys!

I was wondering if anyone had some good Gen recommendations for fic focusing on Severus Snape. I don't really mind if there's any pairings involved or who with as long as the story is more about Severus than anything else, but I'd prefer gen.

Also, any Snape adopts Harry stories would be lovely as well!

Thanks in advance!

8/29/07 07:41 am - [info]hergunfight - Hello

Good morning!

As mod I thought I'd make the first search. Can you all rec me some amazing communities and members here at Insane Journal, I'm especially looking for snarry communities/writers.

Also having just read loads of wonderful Snape/Lupin by [info]scribbulus_ink can someone rec me some other Snupin oneshots with lots of angst and a happy ending.

Thanks in advance!

8/28/07 06:52 pm - [info]hergunfight - Welcome


Welcome to the Harry Potter Rec Request Community, feel free to post rec searches, to share stories you loved and want others to read, there are hundreds of hidden gems out there that deserve to be read to go ahead and rec them!

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