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[29 Jul 2021|02:09am]
check it out.
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[29 Jul 2021|02:41am]
an older woman for something het/pb with jack harlow or another twenty-something?
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[29 Jul 2021|05:17am]
Looking to play out a date gone wrong for one of my girls.
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[29 Jul 2021|10:09am]
I would LOVE a Niall Horan at [info]unknowncaller as the kind of Sid to her Nancy. He enjoys the dark stuff, doesn't mind that she's using him for sex and all that jazz.
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[29 Jul 2021|10:31am]
Anybody up for an older woman/younger guy line? Incest or not, I can go either way, I'd play the older woman.
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[29 Jul 2021|03:18pm]
Are you tired of the princess always getting whisked off by the big burly highwayman? Done with the damsel in distress? Want to see the prince or nobleman get taken by a beautiful buxom (possibly) brigand? Or maybe the highwayman gets taken for a change by the princess, granted that might take a little doing. If interested in filling the male part, inquire with in (comments). Pbs tbd.
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[29 Jul 2021|05:24pm]
could i get a pablo schreiber for a psl along the lines of lorelei?
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[29 Jul 2021|09:02pm]
Now I'm settled into my new job I'd love to find some new het lines with a mix of scenes and customs. There are various themes and line ideas in my journal, but I'm especially interested in playing a mouthy female musician or werewolf. Very open to brainstorming and willing to discuss other PBs for my characters.
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